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Cosmic Connection - Day 6

My last full day in Orlando and I am having a quiet day at the hotel’s outdoor pool as I try to make sense out of my recent transcendent experiences. 2,286 more words

Haiku 27

Santa is not real
Easter Bunny too, not real
No, Jesus is real


Wife Stealer--Finish the Story

It’s time for my next story in Finish the Story 2, a collaboration, organized by Tamnay Jain. This story is based on the prompt by… 327 more words

Wish I Could Still Believe

Poem number 10 NaPoWriMo

Wish I could still believe,

in the dreams of childhood –

when everything was fantasy

and Mickey Mouse came to play. 164 more words

Santa Clause or The Devil?

Two kids were walking home from Sunday School, each deep in his own thoughts. 57 more words

Fun Friday

I have never been on the end of being Santa Claus delivering presents and whatnot ever until this year. I had the distinct pleasure of being part of what Santa Clause does. 304 more words


The Santa Message vs. the Gospel Message

This past Christmas my wife purchased a book for our family titled When Santa Learned the Gospel. It is a fun little children’s book that was written by Australian author Simon Camilleri. 665 more words

The Gospel