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Santana Moss Predicted Odell Beckham Boat Trip Backlash

WASHINGTON — Odell Beckham Jr. was getting roasted on Twitter for his ill-timed Miami trip no sooner than the Giants lost their opening round playoff game to the Packers on Sunday. 739 more words


Santana Moss Gave Out the Cruelest Nicknames

WASHINGTON –– NFL locker rooms¬†have a lot in common with high school cafeterias.

Certain groups sit at specific corners of the room, there are popular kids — actually, it’s mostly only popular kids — and the younger guys they rag on. 355 more words


Santana Moss Finally Understands What Redskins Fans Go Through

WASHINGTON — For Redskins fans, this could stir up a range of emotions.

After witnessing the team’s latest meltdown on Monday Night Football, former Redskins fan favorite Santana Moss finally gets what it means to be a fan of the team he played 10 seasons for. 396 more words


Santana Moss Looks Back on 2013 Rift with RGIII

WASHINGTON — Let’s revisit a story in recent Redskins history for a moment.

It was Week 11 during the 2013 season. The Redskins had just lost to the Eagles for the second time to fall to 3-7, coming up short by eight points, with their final drive turning on a Robert Griffin III interception at Philadelphia’s 8-yard line. 964 more words


Confused Callers Watching Junkies Replay Mistakenly Call Wrong Show

WASHINGTON —¬†Some strange patterns have emerged since The Sports Junkies began simulcasting their show on Comcast.

One that’s becoming more and more frequent involves fans of the morning show unknowingly watching on replay calling 106.7 The Fan in the afternoon with their takes. 247 more words


Santana Moss Suggests NFL Officials Have An Agenda Against Redskins

WASHINGTON — NFL great Santana Moss seems to think it’s no accident so many penalty calls and replay reviews go against the Redskins.

The Redskins were subject to three replay reviews in Sunday’s win over the Giants. 1,124 more words