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'The Musketeers' fan recap: Princess Protection Program

Season 2 | Episode 7 | “A Marriage of Inconvenience” | Aired Feb 28, 2015

The Musketeers have been sent to escort Princess Louise (Perdita Weeks), the cousin of the King, to Paris for her arranged marriage with the crown prince of Sweden. 1,035 more words

The Musketeers S2 Ep7: A Marriage of Inconvenience

The Musketeers race against time to foil an assassination plot apparently targeting Louis’ cousin Princess Louise, while Rochefort continues to consolidate his position as the king’s most trusted advisor. 667 more words

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'The Musketeers' fan recap: Heads or tails?

Season 2 | Episode 6 | “Through a Glass Darkly” | Aired Feb 21, 2015

After last week’s wonderful adventure away from the King and Paris, the Musketeers are back to normal. 972 more words

The Musketeers S2 Ep6: Through A Glass Darkly

The royal party is taken hostage by the astronomer Marmion, who forces King Louis to play a deadly game with the lives of those closest to him. 723 more words

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The Musketeers : The Return

The reason this review is so late is that I thought we had a two week break and completely missed the episode. It wasn’t until I randomly went on iPlayer to look for something else that I realised I’d missed a episode. 648 more words

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'The Musketeers' fan recap: Athos, the reluctant hometown hero

Season 2 | Episode 5| “The Return” | Aired Feb 14, 2015

Athos fans, our time has come. While this season has been great, it feels like something has been lacking. 1,040 more words

The Musketeers S2 Ep5: The Return

After the previous episode’s darker storyline, this week’s The Musketeers saw a welcome return to a more straightforward action-based tale as a reluctant Athos comes home to confront the reality of what he left behind. 38 more words

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