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Transformers and Why We Persist With Bad Movies

I attended an advance screening of Transformers: The Last Knight ahead of its Australian release. Before I go any further, I must point something out. I have never been a fan of the franchise. 909 more words

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'Transformers: The Last Knight' Movie Review

This is another franchise that I’m a BIG fan of so for the most part the director can do no wrong.  What I enjoyed most is that the franchise brought back familiar faces (and a last name) from the first three films (not Tyrese though, which I missed and the newcomer love interest for Mark Wahlberg is a dead ringer for Megan Fox). 86 more words

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Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers 5 is a steaming pile of donkey poop – it’d probably be fun if it wasn’t so exhausting.

*Marky Mark yelling incoherently*

Michael Bay’s disasterpiece.

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Empire: The Battle of Mutina

I hate Empire with a surprising passion. I want nothing better than to forget the 6 hours I spent watching it, but somehow I just can’t seem to stop writing about this turd, sort of the way I couldn’t stop picking at a wart that I once had on my right hand, even though picking at it hurt in a bad way. 1,647 more words


Empire: What the Hell is Going On?

Watching Empire has made me reflect on all the poor life choices that brought me to this moment. If I had decided to study accounting rather than history, I doubt that I would have hit such a bottom watching this wretched ABC mini-series. 2,582 more words


Empire: Oh, God, I Can't Take This Anymore

More stupid crap in Empire:

No, the punishment for treason by a Vestal was not being buried up to the neck and then stoned. The Vestals were untouchable except for the severe offense of fornication. 917 more words


Empire: Caesar's Will

Empire  is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever watched on ancient Rome. I’ve gotten freshman term papers on ancient Rome that were way more interested in the facts than this piece of crap is. 1,537 more words