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"My Healthy Hobby" trail running poem

The poem at the end of this post came to mind last week (I wrote it 5+ years ago, and had not thought of it for a long time) when I came across some formidable paw prints in the dust on a (solo, as always) early-morning trot through The Willows (the forested floodplain of Santiago Creek, between Irvine Park and Santiago Oaks Regional Park). 171 more words

Santiago Oaks And Irvine Regional Parks

Barefoot Running . . . Fantasy vs. Reality

When I first began my barefoot wanderings, in January of 2010, my focus, goal, aim, hope, extremely wishful thinking . . . was that this latest experiment would be the key to solving the ongoing mystery of my lifelong running injuries (having tried all kinds of physical therapies, strengthening programs, rooster comb injections, acupuncture, massage, ART, ice, heat, icy-heat, and an assortment of support devices including bands, straps, sleeves, and $500 orthotics). 466 more words

Barefoot Running

Dry Seed Pod

A broken-open, dry seed pod I found interesting, along the path while hiking at Santiago Oaks Regional Park in Orange, ~SueBee


Stepping Stones

Daily Foto Fix of stepping stones over a small creek was taken at Santiago Oaks Regional Park, here in Southern California.

Note to our followers who may have noticed the diminished number of posts and photos recently… all due to “life gets in the way” syndrome. 45 more words


Nothing' but blue skies from now on?

After weeks of lovely “May gray” and “June gloom,” our sunny So Cal mornings are back, which means barefoot excursions need to be executed before the mid-day sun boils the trail dust. 287 more words

Barefoot Hiking/running

On the Path Up Ahead

Views on the path ahead of me during a recent hike at Santiago Oaks Regional Park in Orange, the town where I currently reside. Happy Friday! ~SueBee


Stairs or Path

This Daily Foto Fix was taken at Santiago Oaks Regional Park in Orange during a late afternoon hike recently, and as with several other photos I’ve taken, reminds me to my favorite poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken. 25 more words