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Juan Salgado: San Juan, Puerto Rico

For the 2014 edition of the arts festival Santurce es Ley, Puerto Rican tattoo/street artist, Juan Salgado painted this piece, named ‘Duality,’ by freehand. The lasers shooting out of the women’s eyes can’t help but remind me of… 45 more words


La primera semana

Today marks my 8th day aquí en Puerto Rico and I can’t describe the feeling of happiness I’m experiencing.

The first couple of days were a little rough considering I only had nilla wafers, a snapple, and 2 sad looking bananas to live off of… But then the classes began and the menu for breakfast read: Nerves with a side of 100% humidity. 499 more words


Historical Photo of the Day: Young Luis Muñoz Marín

In 1905, Luis Muñoz Marín began first grade at the William Penn Public School in Santurce. 

Though only six years old, Luis spoke better English than most of his teachers, because he’d spent four of those years in New York City.  68 more words


La llegada

I don’t think I’ve laughed alone so much in my life!

Laugh attack one: The welcome committe: two hens, a rooster, and a herd of little chicks, skuttle across the road as the world’s most silent taxi driver pulls up to the dorm. 296 more words


Viva La Resistencia: Artists vow to stay in Puerto Rico despite crisis

Kate Kilpatrick (Al Jazeera America) tackles the art scene in Puerto Rico. The good news is that some people—such as members of the creative class—are sticking it out on the island (she focuses on artists in San Juan), seeking out inspiration and new opportunities. 785 more words


Double Cake

Double Cake is a fine pastry shop located in the Loiza Street in Santurce, Puerto Rico. This place elaborates its sweets in the same building and you can watch them through a crystal room. 292 more words

La resurrección de la Calle Loiza

Varios negocios le han dado vida al área en la zona metropolitana

 La Calle Loíza se ha vuelto un área de degustación de comida y entretenimiento que lo ha hecho el centro cultural más vanguardista en el corazón de la jungla metropolitana en San Juan. 530 more words

Art D' Chocolat