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Manage your entire sales cycle from one place

From lead generation to initial contact to quotation to closure, managing the sales process isn’t easy! Having a handicapped sales cycle management process translates to lost opportunities and unhappy customers. 36 more words

SAP Business One Overview

What is it?

SAP B1 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform.

Who is it for?

SAP B1 is specially designed for small and mid-sized businesses. 270 more words

Enterprise Resource Planning

Gain better control over financials with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As your business grows, managing your business grows complex too. This is especially true if you are currently managing your finances using spreadsheets or other traditional manual entry processes. 103 more words

Manage the merchandise return requests with ease

How much ever meticulous you are in product packaging and shipping, the fact is mistakes and damages in transit do happen. The result- return of merchandise by the customer! 102 more words

SAP Business One for project-based businesses

In spite of having a solid project plan, is you project-based businesses making much lesser profit than what was projected at the beginning? If this sounds true, it’s time for you to consider an intelligent ERP software such as SAP Business One. 91 more words

How Product Costing can make or break your business

Why product costing is important in every manufacturing business?

Most small business owners don’t realize how expensive production can be. Understanding the importance of costing can help your business avoid running into troubles such as loss of profits, time mismanagement, and over budgeting –   866 more words

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