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Deregulation - Also known as the topic to write about when it's been a slow news month

This last week has seen the latest push against the Liberal’s promise to deregulate shopping trade hours with an anti deregulation showing up on TV. The ad basically uses a number of small business owners to target the new deregulation laws although what is missing in the ad is a detailed explanation of why the deregulation of trading hours should not take place. 1,684 more words


Electoral Redistribution

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) on Friday published their draft redistribution ¬†for South Australia to apply for the next Federal Election. This followed their draft redistributions the previous week for Victoria and the ACT and some earlier work done in the states of Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania although those changes were largely immaterial and so I won’t spend too much time on them in this blog. 1,736 more words


South Australia Election Results Summary

My state went to the polls on the weekend and the 16 year Labor Government were voted out of office. I decided to wait a while for the results to be a bit clearer and I think we are now at a clear enough point to give some analysis. 2,296 more words


Seat by Seat Prediction for South Australian Election

With the South Australian Election tomorrow I will make my prediction of Lower House and Upper House seats, starting from the safest Labor seat and working to the safest Liberal Seat. 6,286 more words


Tasmanian Election wrap-up and SA Election Polls

I have been hesitant to write anything on the Tasmania election up until this point as the results are still not final but with the SA Election coming up this weekend I thought it was worth writing something about Tasmania first. 1,927 more words


New Nationals leadership and polls polls more damn polls

Early this morning the Nationals voted for a new leader to replace Barnaby Joyce. As of late last night the assumption was that Michael McCormack the Nationals member for Riverina would win unopposed but there was a late entry from George Christiensen to also contest the leadership. 1,682 more words


the latest summary of my battle for justice

I’ve written five posts recently on what I call ‘the big lie’ (see links below), and I might end up turning it into a book. It looks like I’ll have plenty of time on my hands to do so. 1,457 more words