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'Waitress the Musical' Whipped up a Successful New Recipe

By Ilana Bernstein 

Butter, flour, sugar and water are the essential ingredients to make a pie crust. Similarly, director, choreographer, book writer and songwriter are generally the essential ingredients in creating a Broadway musical. 639 more words


Jack Antonoff Is Working With Pink, and Other Revelations From Bleachers' L.A. 'Underplay'

Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff, whose ancillary titles include Grammy winner, guitarist for the band Fun, and Lena Dunham’s boyfriend (not necessarily in that order), is among today’s most promising songwriters, having worked with Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Sara Bareilles. 368 more words


Suddenly Surprise!

Good afternoon, my wonderful readers! I’m just writing a quick note to say that, because I have a special post planned for next week, today’s will consist of some favorite musical-themed GIFs. 17 more words

Soundtrack to the idea... Just re-sharing the amazingness that is Sara Bareilles.

I think it kind of captures growing up and losing yourself. Yeah its pretty sad but a great song. She’s really open about feelings of depression (Yeah we’re not happy all the time). 30 more words


You Would Have Thought By Now...

1.  something thats ecures or controls entrance to a place
1.  chief; major; important; essential; fundamental; pivotal
1.  to provide with a key… 414 more words

Sara Bareilles

A lot of her songs are her singing to her younger self to try to increase her self confidence or just a reflection of the innocence of being a young girl. 84 more words


Once upon another time - Sara Bareilles

Rise of the women. Sounds like build up of something and something quite big about to happen. Just imagining a march of women. This is the song to the website.