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The Hunter and the Bird-woman

A short story by me.

Deep in a forest in a faraway land there lived a woman. But this woman was not like other women, for she slept on a platform at the top of the tallest tree and at night she wrapped herself in great black wings that grew from her shoulder blades. 929 more words

Campari for Breakfast by Sara Crowe

Seventeen year old Sue’s world has just been rocked by her mother’s unexpected suicide. Since her father has found comfort in the arms of another woman, Sue decides to go and live with her Aunt Coral in the run down Green Place estate. 197 more words

Book Reviews - Chicklit

Branford Boase Award longlist announced

This year’s Branford Boase Award features tales of an executioner’s daughter in Tudor times, a Stag Chase, a mother with cancer, a mysterious book that must be returned to the Museum of Magical Miscellany and more. 291 more words


Long Breaks and Small Successes

Any astute reader will notice the severe gap between my previous post and this one. That’s quite a hiatus, but you already knew that. Now, in my defense, there was some issues of mental health that crept up during that time, a third child was added to my little family, and, well, life moves on, as they say. 339 more words

Status Updates

You must not go to the wood at night

The fence sags

The gate keeps nothing out and nothing in

A bone tree, a fence of spikes, a shack

And you wait, at the edge of the place where the fox sleeps


Sometimes we find starfish, mermaid’s purses, papery clusters of whelk egg cases, dried out dogfish like twisted lengths of snakeskin. But mostly it’s a strandline of seashells, smashed, sea-smoothed, sea-scoured.


Two years ago this month, we set off in a van to travel around the British Isles. We were on the road for a year and a half, finally settling down in June this year. 32 more words