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Get more Likes & Shares by crafting the Perfect Blog Post Title

Who wants to write a blog for no one to read…well, NO ONE!!  Blog post titles that are crafted well get more likes and shares. 163 more words

Social Media & Branding

Powerful Questions to Ask because Open-Ended Q's are Not Enough Anymore

Written by Sara Moore

We’ve all been there.  We’ve asked the question, “Do you advertise online?” or “Do you have a website?”  These questions should sound like fingers on a chalkboard to you! 238 more words

Social Media & Branding

I thought Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn were all I needed to establish my brand. Boy was I wrong!!

Everything you post or blog about online, speaks to your brand.  How do you want to be perceived?  With a little effort, you can build your brand online! 118 more words

Social Media & Branding