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Chapter Fourteen: Part Eight

“I need to break the old seal completely in order to do my work. Yet I couldn’t have an awoken Vessel running amok in my Court, could I? 421 more words

Chapter Fourteen: Part Seven

“My lady,” I say hesitantly, with a respectful bow of my head. “Sara informed us that you agreed to fix our seals in exchange for a boon from Sara.” 384 more words

Chapter Fourteen: Part Six

“Here we are.” Applethorne says, drawing my attention back.

“Please inform the Queen that the guests have arrived.” Applethorne asks of another faerie, a small flying thing with wings like a dragonfly, who flies off towards another faerie lounging back on a great pile of pillows, head tilted towards the sky, eyes closed. 375 more words

Chapter Fourteen: Part Five


I’m woken by the feel of Sara being lifted away from my side. My eyes fly open and my hand flings out for my sword. 389 more words

Chapter Fourteen: Part Four

The path remains steady and clear, so I let Emma walk, holding tightly to my hand. She’s constantly tilting her head to the side, listening to the sounds of the forest around us, frequently asking questions about the various noises she hears. 392 more words

Chapter Fourteen: Part Three

I frown at her mussed appearance. Her clothing is wrinkled and has stains from food and her hair isn’t in its normal neat braids but messy and loose. 494 more words

Chapter Fourteen: Part Two

Caden eagerly hops down from the carriage seat and stretches his arms above his head, fingers splayed, groaning in satisfaction as he finally gets to stretch out. 404 more words