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Message of thanks from Sarah to all who donated to #CFTrust

After her run and all the fundraising Sarah has a few words to say to all of you who donated and are still donating to the CF Trust: 347 more words


To Forgive and Forget: The limits of forgiveness

It may be easier to say “I forgive you” than it is to forget past wrongs. Does an apology necessitate complete forgiveness, or does the pain cut too deep for any form of absolution? 510 more words



I’ve had my head down working for a while, but over the next few months I’m doing a number of events around the country. First up is the weekend after next, when I’ll be at… 297 more words


Social Media and Me

Growing up in rural Ireland, it can be had for farmers to join social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as Wi-Fi is unavailable. In recent years, Wi-Fi has come to many rural parts of Ireland and being lucky to live in one such place, I have used it to my advantage. 259 more words


The Insect Rosary - Book Oxygen Review

The Insect Rosary

Sarah Armstrong

Published by Sandstone Press 18 June 2015

280pp, paperback, £8.99

Reviewed by Shirley Whiteside

Click here to buy this book… 525 more words

His Other House by Sarah Armstrong

I have waited 11 years for Sarah Armstrong’s new book. Her first novel, Salt Rain, was published in 2004 and it was a beauty. It is perched on my bookshelf where it will remain, always surviving my annual book purges (this is a necessity given the amount I own! 240 more words


An insightful look at morality - His Other House by Sarah Armstrong

‘His Other House’ is Sarah Armstrong’s second book, coming ten years after her Miles Franklin shortlisted debut novel, ‘Salt Rain.’ Both books are set in the Northern Rivers Region and the lush environment is an intrinsic part of the story. 364 more words

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