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An Easterly Influenced Reformed Theology Rather than a Westerly

The ontological characterizes the theology of Thomas Torrance, as it does, consequently for so called evangelical Calvinism. In brief, the Eastern branch of Christianity has focused on the whole person in salvation in the… 809 more words

Evangelical Calvinism

TF Torrance on Human Sexuality: Gender Dysphoria and its Relationship to God

We are a fractured people, the current state of sexuality and gender ideology illustrates this fracturous state. As Christians we have insight on why this is so, that the ‘world’ or secular perspectives do not have access to (or at least they reject their access to it). 1,054 more words

T. F. Torrance

Christian Imagination and Creativity Provided Fertility Towards Knowledge of God in Christ by Prayer and Contemplation

I wrote this on FaceBook this evening:

I think the power of reception, when reading the Bible, as far as interpretive and even meaning generation, is more powerful than many might think. 1,471 more words

Sarah Coakley

Theology Through Prayer

I see messages from the Spirit in The Christian Century, November 21, 2016 on Theology through Prayer.

Page 21 Samuel Kabue, blind at age 16, director of advocacy (including work for economic justice, peace and reconciliation, and youth) for the National Council of Churches in Kenya and ordained elder of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa says, “I am what I am because people gave me a chance to prove myself … You cannot give people a chance unless they are included and you can discover their potential.” Although recommended by his local church, the church body next in command did not recommend him for theological study. 282 more words

The dazzling darkness

~And Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where God was (Exod. 20.21).

“Apophaticism” is a strange word by any stretch of the imagination.

In theology, it refers to our inability to put God into speech. 852 more words


Dante. The Trinity should not be boring.

It’s true. Paradiso is not as interesting as the rest of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Compared to Inferno (and even Purgatorio), Paradiso is a slow, dreary slog.  963 more words