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APA Checklist for Term Papers

My students often struggle with the finer points of APA formatting and style. While I always encourage them to read the APA manual in detail themselves, with the end of the semester looming, that doesn’t always happen. 129 more words


So, yesterday was a pretty stellar day at work...

There are moments that mark our careers, our lives and our memories. Yesterday I had a very special moment, surrounded by friends, colleagues and mentors. In the company of about 20 or so other winners of awards presented by the Werklund School of Education, I was honoured and humbled to receive the 2014-2015 Teaching Excellence Award. 123 more words


Meeting Sarah Eaton - Hysteria 2015 Judge

Sarah writes a weekly column for the local newspaper, as well as commissions for short stories, social media work, and the occasional flurry of blogging. 206 more words

On Writing

Language Learning and Technology (EDER 669.79)

This winter I am so excited to be teaching Language Learning and Technology for the Master’s of Education program at the University of Calgary.

Here’s the course description: 316 more words


Day 14, why I blog

I heard about blogging YEARS ago, I mean I know it is hard to imagine, but there was a time when blogging was a new thing. 390 more words

Let’s fix our broken education system

I’ve got some fun news to share. I’ve been invited to write a regular column for Troy Media. My job is to write provocative, edgy, thought pieces on education in Canada. 113 more words


5 Myths about being an independent language or literacy professional (and secrets of the trade you need to know)

Sometimes when I talk with contract language teachers, sessionals, adjuncts, freelance writers, editors and others who dedicate themselves to the language and literacy profession, I’ve learned that there are some myths about the profession that we need to debunk. 807 more words