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Camfield, captivation and The Seeds of Doom (1976)

It’s got dodgy models, polystyrene snow and some epically fake beards. Lots of CSO, wobbly rubber monsters and foliage waved vigourously by off screen crew. And those are just production hassles; what about the preposterous plot, the cheesy villain and a Doctor so violent he makes Colin Baker look like a kitten? 1,331 more words

Machines, personality and Robot (1974)

“I think you must be the sort of girl who gives motor cars pet names”, sneers icy Miss Winters (Patricia Maynard) to our heroine Sarah Jane (spunky Elisabeth Sladen) during Part Two of… 1,096 more words

The Last Road (2012, John Wheeler)

The Last Road refers to limbo. Literal limbo. Except it’s also a real place where the newly dead protagonist, played by Aaron Long, spent time while he was alive. 280 more words


Sarah Jane packs her bags for Cannes

Actress-singer Sarah Jane Dias is charged up for her outing at the ongoing 68th Cannes International Film Festival with the team of her upcoming film “Zubaan”. 21 more words


Aperlite YH-500N Flash Review

Aperlite against the yongnuo flash review
may I take this chance to post that I’m not a pro photographer, and anything that I say within this post is that of my opinion and from what I have found using the products I have to hand, others may disagree but  would hope that you will all be kind enough not to post comments on my post that you wouldn’t like posted on your pages. 1,530 more words


The Street Artist II

Hey everyone!

As promised I’d tell you about the second meeting with the street artist I talked about in one of my previous posts ( 327 more words


Aperlite Flash Testing. Shoot.

This is only a short and simple blog today, just to let you all know that there will be a new blog coming over the next few days its a long blog but I have been asked to test a product for Aperlite. 81 more words