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Aquarium Adventures

Hey, Guys!  Yesterday, Sarah Jane and I went on a little trip to Adventure Aquarium. She was off from work, I was off from school, we wanted to do something fun, and I needed to take lots of pictures. 303 more words


Cassie horrible no good very bad day

Happy Tuesday! Well my Monday was a horrible day. Everything that could go wrong did and I am just glad it’s over. It started when I overslept and had twenty minutes to get ready, and then moved on to following a little boy with a bucket because he gets so worked up he pukes. 377 more words


Cherry Blossom Festival Fail?

On Saturday, Sarah Jane and I went on a fun adventure road trip. We heard about this cherry blossom festival in a park called Branch Brook, so we planned to go and take some pictures. 230 more words


Marching Orders

Colonel Stratton-Villiers hung his bowler hat and brown overcoat on the hat stand beside the door and went over to his desk, straightening his Guards tie fastidiously as he went. 3,055 more words


A Couple of Sommer Dresses

Once Easter rolls around in our neck of the woods, we’re definitely ready for spring, even if the weather hasn’t quite caught up with our wishes.   587 more words

Sewing For Girls

And The Winners Are...

I am proud to announce that four students from the 88th Assembly District were selected as the winners of my “There Ought To Be A Law” contest. 349 more words

Easter 2016 - Part 2 - The Kids!

Nothing says Easter like the blur of children as they run around excited by the thought of the Easter Bunny and candy and eggs and toys! 378 more words