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Unintentionally pink

“Iconic” – Joanne the Scammer

My whole life I have been obsessed with clothes, anything and everything fashion related and over the top glam. I was always styling up my Barbie’s imagining them in a larger than life wardrobe even if they were just wrapped up in toilet paper toga and since then I have spent a lot of time figuring out my style. 148 more words


Everyday Jewellery

My mum changes her earrings everyday which fascinates me because I basically always end up wearing the same things. But, I have been so into jewellery recently, that I do change my earrings from time to time, and I play with necklaces as well. 646 more words


In Style: Skirts and Dresses (March 1-7) Batch 1

The first week of March saw two batches of cool skirts and dresses, and here’s the first.. 22 more words

Sarah Jessica Parker Finally Gets Asked To Prom

‘Divorce’ star Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t able to attend the big dance in high school, so Stephen recreates prom night with a theme of ‘Enchantment at the Late Show.’ 19 more words


Looks like Cynthia Nixon is team Sarah Jessica Parker in the wake of Kim Cattrall 'feud'

Is this a subliminal message, or is this a subliminal message?

Just weeks (not even) after her co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall got into one massive to-do, Cynthia Nixon has shown the world where her loyalties lie. 427 more words


Kim Cattrall braves a smile at late brother's memorial: 'You're forever in our thoughts'

Kim Cattrall attended the memorial for her brother Chris on Saturday in Scotland where she bravely managed a smile and a ‘laugh’ in his memory. 504 more words


Serial Makeup:How to get Carrie Bradshaw's makeup!

Happy weekend everybody!

A serial makeup is very easy to do, and if you want to be awesome and attract all the looks around you, you should try Sarah Jessica Parker’s makeup in Sex and the City. 533 more words