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Packing, Man Style

The packing advice I’ve given so far is obviously from a woman’s perspective. I’d like to give a little space to talk about what men may want to bring. 988 more words

Taking a Break from Electronics, Recording Travel Old-School Style

In our electronics-obsessed world, I’ve become more and more alarmed about how our devices are changing our experiences. Let me start by saying that I’m no better than anyone else. 872 more words

Packing Luxuries for Europe: You Don't Need That, But You Might Want It

As all of the previous posts can attest, I am very careful and thoughtful about what I bring with me on a trip. The reasons are obvious, I need to carry whatever I choose for up to 7 weeks at a go. 1,127 more words

Packing for Europe: The Miracle of the Scarf

 Other than my smartphone, my other indispensable travel item, akin to a Swiss Army knife, is a scarf. If only MacGyver had known about scarves, maybe that show would still exist. 806 more words

Packing for European Travel: You Don't Need That

I’ve covered the basics in my bag. There are probably a few things that you may identify as missing. That’s fine, not everyone will bring exactly the same things, everyone has different needs. 904 more words

Must haves for the 9 month S-T-R-E-T-C-H

A growing bump does not only come with a growing baby. Unfortunately, pregnancy can also be a time of nausea, swollen feet, back ache, fatigue, headaches and dizziness. 220 more words