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From Ford to Palin to Clinton: Top 7 candidate appearances on 'Saturday Night Live'

Political parody made Saturday Night Live must-see TV for political junkies — and, occasionally, must-appear television for politicians.

Hillary Clinton — who has another SNL gig this weekend… 843 more words


Dre Buys A Gun And We Learn A Lesson About Gun Violence.

Now that Anthony Anderson has replaced Bill Cosby as the African-American whose family life proves that most families face the same, universal problems regardless of race, the show’s writers have to come up with situations reflecting issues that come up when everyone’s sitting around the dinner table, or running off to school in the morning, or getting ready for bed.  617 more words


The Gargoyle - NDP candidate wrote explicit novel of teen rape, abortion and revenge

Murder. Rape. Bullying. Abortion. Teen sex. Herpes (with a capital H).

These are all the elements of a novel published online last year by Ethan Rabidoux, the NDP candidate in the southern Ontario riding of Perth – Wellington, that is described as “inspired by real events.” 663 more words


"Things I Learned From Republicans In September"

From the Daily Kos: Written by Bill in Maine

Extra learny this month:

Same-sex couples getting married is the same as gassing the Jews at Auschwitz.

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Wicked garden

My mother told me to never trust an anarchist.

Never mix books with framed photos.

“Rush to Kill” is the state motto of Georgia.

To channel Sarah Palin: the Republican Party was in the Pope’s spiritual crosshairs. 26 more words


Holly Would

Despite what you may have heard Rocky Balboa is not now nor has he ever been a Rockefeller He is make believe like Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin


Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

I don’t know who coined the phrase, “Paul Simon School of Politics,” but the Simon line, “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest,” seems an apt description of our political arena.* 222 more words