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WC Answers His Mail

WC received an expletive-filed email from a reader recently regarding former half-term Governor Sarah Palin. WC’s correspondent accused WC of “relentless hostility” to Sarah Palin. 470 more words


Sarah Palin on Obama's presidency coming to an end: "There’s a new sheriff in town"

“Like everyone’s saying, it’s the end of an error. Obama is gone,” former governor of Alaska and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin wrote in her… 154 more words

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Gov. Sarah Palin - "Winning the Lottery"

A great devotional post written by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today about how true restoration of America depends solely on our relationship with God.  262 more words


A death spiral


America, we have a problem. The moderator of the great public debate so vital to the functioning of a democracy has allowed itself to be compromised. 2,095 more words


The resistance 

No, we will not “get used to it”. No, we will not “get over it”.

Because to do so, would mean we normalize Trumps actions, and we can never normalize Trumps actions. 990 more words


Young Conservatives: “Important note: it’s been a tumultuous year at FOX. It’s no secret I don’t agree with aspects of their seemingly new agenda wherein independent conservative commentators were axed to make room for more partisan talking heads, as if the airwaves aren’t bloated enough already with lapdogs bloviating daily tired leftist talking points. 128 more words


Obama and Palin react to the Facebook torture of a special needs teen , a Limerick.

A special needs teen is attacked.

Obama and Palin react:

One has feelings, one not

to the evil it brought.

Dear God, we must pray, we must act! 1,101 more words