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Mr. Thin Skin

Mr. Thin Skin, Donald Trump, the bipolar narcissist of American Presidency, alternately a petulant child or a school yard bully, won’t be going to the Whitehouse Correspondent’s DInner this April. 388 more words


Bringing on the Apocalypse

Circulating in October 2008 was a discussion among religious scholars about Palin’s plan for Palestine. The consensus was “incineration.”

The first step in her religion calls for all Jews in the world to be coerced to emigrate to Israel. 165 more words

[Hockey] Pens選手による「ホッケー・ペアレント」へのアドバイス


Pittsburgh Penguins Share Tips for Parenting on Ice

By shelly anderson | Pittsburgh Magazine | February 15, 2017

“You’re at a tournament, and the obnoxious dad on your team gets in a fight with the obnoxious dad on the other team,” he says.

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Stevieslaw: Trump names Palin "Intelligence Czar."

Stevieslaw: Trump names Palin “Intelligence Czar.”

Donald Trump continued his remaking of the intelligence agencies today by appointing former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin, to oversee the operation of the CIA, NSA, FBI and all intelligence services run by the military. 146 more words


My blocked list on Facebook is getting longer

I don’t block people because they’re idiots. I block people because if I don’t, I waste my time arguing with idiots. Which makes me an idiot, of sorts. 417 more words


Canadians not ready to welcome ambassador Sarah Palin, would prefer Rudy Giuliani: poll

With all eyes on the well-choreographed visit between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump, Canadians are ready to shoot down at least one candidate who’s been floated as the next American ambassador to this country. 333 more words


Why I have been failing at my plan for World Domination

  1. I’m just too tired to stay up late and tweet evil missives. I haven’t even had enough energy to shovel out the hammock.
  2. When I get mad enough to explode I usually just eat anything in sight or worse yet go out for a walk.
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