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In My Opinion: I am not your scapegoat!

So, campaigning for the right to be the next US President is in full swing. It is during times like this that controversial topics resurface in the public consciousness, everyone becomes an expert, and said topics are once again thrust into the spotlight for debate. 692 more words

On Alaska Day, Russians Still Dream of Getting Alaska Back

As in the U.S., the attention given to Alaska Day—October 18—in Russia doesn’t rise to the level of the national front page news. So far, it is not an official holiday in Russia—but, who knows, maybe that’s about to change. 937 more words

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Barking in the Dark has been privileged to receive an advance copy of the new Trump TV Network program line-up. Here it is:

3:00 – Time for Tweeting with Donald J. 893 more words


What’s the point of Evan McMullin?

Record numbers of Americans see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as unacceptable choices for president in 2016, which has led to an unusual amount of interest in third party candidates in this election, the two most significant being Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein. 1,186 more words

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Here's Why a Trump TV Network Will Almost Certainly Fail

Speculation is ramping up again that Republican candidate Donald Trump might be looking at starting his own TV channel or media company if he loses the upcoming presidential election, based on a recent report from the… 872 more words