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What Is Your Love Language?

This test is awesome! I LOVE IT!

It tells you your Love Language is, meaning it tells you what you want in a relationship. How you feel love, what you define as love and your compatibility. 133 more words


Your Zodiac Sign May Be Dooming Your Relationship

So I got this from Your Tango and if you all read all the signs. You can here.

I am fascinated by Zodiac Signs. I am an Aquarius and feel I am a true Aquarian. 192 more words


Lucio's Daughter Says Don't Dress Like This Anymore It is Embarrassing

Here’s the photos of Lucio’s ponytail that his daughter said was embarrassing.

I think the ponytail is cool! The rocker shirts may be a embarrassing but isn’t that part of being a parent to embarrass your kids? 13 more words


Would You Accept A Proposal From A Woman?

There was a commercial that aired last night that had a woman proposing to a man. I thought it was sweet and in the end, the guy doesn’t answer because the commercial is over. 87 more words


Charging Your Children To Babysit Your Grandkids?

When your parents watch your kids do they charge you?

We had a woman  call in this morning and told us that her mother-in-law charged her and her husband rent to live at her house and when she watched the kid she charged them.  52 more words


Whatcha Doin at the Courthouse 05/23/16

If you missed it this morning…here you go and make sure you catch a new Whatcha Doin at the Courthouse Weekday Mornings!

Click here to listen. 44 more words