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Sarah Polley making 'Alias Grace' in Toronto

Pop Goes The News — Four years after Sarah Polley announced she was adapting Margaret Atwood’s novel Alias Grace for the screen, cameras are scheduled to roll. 188 more words


eXistenZ (1999)

Taking up where Videodrome left off, David Cronenberg once more tackles the subject of the human condition and our relationship with the media.

The main problem with eXistenZ is that the plot is so divorced from reality that it has no logical progression; instead it’s just a series of events that have no narrative cohesion at all, which destroys any drama or suspense it may have had. 102 more words


A character everyone loves to hate - Margot, Take This Waltz

Originally published on An Online Universe

In September 2006, veteran Canadian actor Sarah Polley would première her directorial and writing début at the Toronto Film Festival. 1,072 more words

Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

A disparate group of survivors of a zombie holocaust hole up in an abandoned shopping mall that becomes besieged by an ever-growing horde of the dead. 297 more words


‘Krisha’ and ‘Take Me to the River’ Transform Real Families Into Fever Dreams

“I had a poetry professor in college who said, ‘, first you have to write the book of the mother and father,'” says Robin Weigert, jokingly exaggerating a pedantic voice.  3,442 more words


Film Review: Away from Her (2006)

This is a Canadian film with Gordon Pinsent and Julie Christie about a wife who is developing Alzheimer’s disease and ends up in a nursing home. 28 more words


Stories We Tell

    In Stories We Tell, by Sarah Polley, its meaning and importance of her paternal figure becomes apparent mainly from the parallels that are revealed within the film and the repetition that abounds in many different scenes.   308 more words