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Road to Avonlea Review: Home Movie

“So…when you look around you, haunted hill, at the homestead lights, at the fields tilled by the dead and gone who loved you, you’ll say, ‘Why, I’ve come home to this life.’ We’re lucky enough to live each moment of everyday in which Jasper Dale has been fortuitous and ingenious enough to catch it. 2,857 more words


Splice (2010)

A pair of genetic biologists succeed in splicing the DNA of various creatures with that of a human being and the resulting life form begins to take over their lives as they try keep their secret experiment hidden. 162 more words


Margaret Atwood explores Shakespeare's richness and The Tempest's darkness with Hag-Seed

Hag-Seed: The Tempest Retold
By Margaret Atwood
Knopf Canada
320 pp; $29.95

The Hogarth Shakespeare is a series of novels based on the bard’s plays, including forays by Jeanette Winterson, Howard Jacobson, Anne Tyler and now Margaret Atwood. 457 more words


Week 23: Away From Her (2006)

Directed by the wonderful Sarah Polley, and starring the never-more wonderful Julie Christie (in a role she was Oscar-nominated for), Away From Her tells the tale of a small tragedy – a long-married couple being torn apart by the cruelty and reality of Alzheimer’s disease. 240 more words


'I’m in a hurry to do more': The River of My Dreams paints a portrait of Gordon Pinsent's life and career — but he's not done yet

“I’m a little modest myself,” says Gordon Pinsent. “I have a problem with modesty.”

It’s the sort of thing many a star could (and does!) say, not always to be believed. 679 more words



When Karen Guthrie’s mother Ann suffered a debilitating stroke, she returned to her hometown of Largs on the Scottish coast to help care for her with the rest of her family, including her father who had moved out of the family home fifteen years earlier. 430 more words

Road to Avonlea Review: Felicity's Perfect Beau

“Sometimes I think you were buttoning up your boots when the Lord handed out brains.”

Episode Summary: Felicity has two suitors: Her old friend Gus Pike, and the perfectly polished vet school student Arthur Pettibone. 1,087 more words