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The Orchids: Who Needs Tomorrow...A 30 Year Retrospective (Cherry Red)

Glasgow’s The Orchids were one of the flagship bands of the esteemed and legendary indiepop label Sarah Records, and it’s easy to understand why; their sound was gentle, sensitive, and intelligent; they could craft a pop tune with a bit of jangle and a dose of charm. 418 more words

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Song Of The Day: Even As We Speak, "(All You Find Is) Air"

Australia’s Even As We Speak were associated with the esteemed indie-pop cult label Sarah Records, but their music was always a cut above their label mates; they were a bit  169 more words

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The well-documented tensions between indie label Sarah Records and the unsympathetic music press are now as old as the hills. What doesn’t sound old is the music contained on its final retrospective release

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There and Back Again Lane


Over the years, there’s been a trifle lot of stuff written about Sarah Records, and the concurrent indie-pop scene of the late-80s, not least during Sarah’s existence. 1,401 more words

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Fira B! Sweet Poo Smell - Grumpy Old Bastard

Today, Sonic Breakfast starts again in earnest. The long, wet summer is nearly done.

It was a noble aim to cut back on reviewing British festivals but those spare weekends at home twiddling my thumbs became so dull – thus, pretty much every weekend this summer was consumed under canvas. 389 more words

"Byron" by Aberdeen

Aberdeen are a band from Los Angeles naturally. Aberdeen from LA were released on Sarah Records, a Bristol, UK label. “Byron” was their first single for the label, back in 1994. 200 more words

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Going around in circles

Music is cyclical, we all know that, 30 years seems to be the recognised time span for music to drop off the fashion radar long enough to seem cool or cult and be rediscovered and reinterpreted by a new musical generation. 430 more words

Song Of The Day: Aberdeen, "She Loves To Feel The Sun"

California-based Aberdeen were one of the last signings to the legendary Sarah Records label, and though their tenure was brief, they would later reform, releasing a handful of delightful new records.  107 more words

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