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Christmas Shop: Awesome Prints

If you’re a subscriber of the blog, you probably saw an update yesterday that sounded a bit fed up, as I explained that I couldn’t get any writing done after making the mistake of going Christmas shopping! 167 more words


It started with a Carter. It ended with a Carter.

This is a result of the lacking capabilities of the modern day media. We are at a time when all information is at our fingertips and can publish to thousands of people within minutes. 274 more words

Big Cheese.

Friday Tunes 2

Frank Carter of notorious Gallows fame decided, due to creative differences with said band, he would journey off into the world of music and make some sound that wasn‘t as ireful. 122 more words


Sarah Schor

When Anny came in to get this flapper girl from Sarah at Kings Ave N.Y.C. She came in wearing the same hat. That’s what you call kismet.

Sarah Schor

This bearded lady was Christina’s first tattoo and she sat like a rock. Way to go big, at Kings Ave N.Y.C.

Sarah Schor & Brian Paul

Recently finished at Kings Avenue Tattoo