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Sense and Meaning

“Contrary to what is generally believed, meaning and sense were never the same thing, meaning shows itself at once, direct, literal, explicit, enclosed in itself, univocal, if you like, while sense cannot stay still, it seethes with second, third and fourth senses, radiating out in different directions that divide and subdivide into branches and branch-lets, until they disappear from view, the sense of every word is like a star hurling spring tides out into space, cosmic winds, magnetic perturbations, afflictions.”

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School Holidays: Rediscovering the joys of Reading

Whilst this is a blog that about those things that go on inside my classroom, it seems important to reflect on what goes on outside of it from time to time. 738 more words


Today's dose of hope

“In the end, we always arrive at the place we are expected.”

-José Saramago (portuguese writer, Nobel prize winner)


Entre o bem e o mal

Entre o bem e o mal
É sempre muito difícil distinguir o bem e o mal. Talvez a prática do mal se dê muitas vezes por não se saber qual é o bem. 283 more words

Pedro Possebon

Death at Intervals - Jose Saramago

I confess that I sit on the pedestal of bias when writing about Jose Saramago’s books. Ever since I chanced upon “The Double” while browsing in a Sliema book-store some years ago, I have been drawn to his books like a worm intoxicated by the heady offerings of his words. 128 more words


[Literature] On Morality and Literature

I used to subscribe to the wild school of thought that expression is a thing in itself: squirt it out, blurt it out, without rhythm, without fear. 587 more words


Foi milagre? Ideia louca.
Mas que mais posso dizer
Desta profunda alegria
De ver a alma aparecer
No riso da tua boca?

Ainda se fosse a tua, 38 more words

José Saramago