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Blindness (book review) - José Saramago

Blindness is a journey into the depths of hell and Saramago is the reader’s faithful Virgil. It allows a brutal introspection and questions the resilience of human nature when faced with the nine circles of hell all at once.

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Nunca he amado a nadie pero tengo la sensación de que te amo a ti. Sin dudarlo te digo que te quiero no digo que para siempre pues eso es mucho tiempo diría Saramago, y tiene razón mejor amarte intensamente por un tiempo indefinido para volverlo más interesante. 135 more words


Hardcore Writers no.1 Jose Saramago

The Marxist Messiah: Jose Saramago


Staunch Communist. Militant atheist. Those two facts alone are enough to raise Portuguese Nobel laureate Jose Saramago to the hardcore heights inhabited by the likes of Hemingway and Rimbaud. 1,543 more words

El Evangelio según Jesucristo - José Saramago

Dicen los entendidos en las reglas del bien contar cuentos que los encuentros decisivos, tal como sucede en la vida, deberán ir entremezclados y entrecruzarse con otros mil de poca o nula importancia, a fin de que el héroe de la historia no se vea transformado en un ser de excepción a quien todo le puede ocurrir en la vida, salvo vulgaridades. 315 more words

Elephant's journey with Jose Saramago

The Elephant’s Journey by José Saramago

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a miracle. Like a miracle described in the book. A must read for animal fans, humor lovers and tragedy lovers. 837 more words

Sense and Meaning

“Contrary to what is generally believed, meaning and sense were never the same thing, meaning shows itself at once, direct, literal, explicit, enclosed in itself, univocal, if you like, while sense cannot stay still, it seethes with second, third and fourth senses, radiating out in different directions that divide and subdivide into branches and branch-lets, until they disappear from view, the sense of every word is like a star hurling spring tides out into space, cosmic winds, magnetic perturbations, afflictions.”

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School Holidays: Rediscovering the joys of Reading

Whilst this is a blog that about those things that go on inside my classroom, it seems important to reflect on what goes on outside of it from time to time. 738 more words