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Pelicula Ensayo Sobre La Ceguera Jose Saramago Online Game

Pelicula ensayo sobre la ceguera jose saramago online game

Ensayo Sobre La Ceguera (Biblioteca) (Spanish Edition) Movie, Video Game Adaptations Yûsuke Iseya. A city is ravaged by an epidemic of instant white blindness. 427 more words

Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo

Uma das bases da Red Pill é a busca da excelência. Qualquer pessoa com um mínimo de ambição sabe como não é fácil estar constantemente a melhorar, e manter a perseverança nos momentos difíceis. 179 more words


Mi lista de lecturas de marzo de 2017 escrita a mano (al modo de Montano)

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He intentado compartir el enlace al tuit de José Antonio Montano [@montano66] pero no lo encontré. En fin, el filólogo andaluz, también columnista, puso un listado de lecturas y relecturas en una fotografía. 82 more words


Saramago and the City - My Master's dissertation

“O disco amarelo iluminou-se” is the first sentence of the first novel I read in Portuguese: ‘Blindness’, by José Saramago. It means “the yellow light came on”, and (although it took for a few seconds to work this out at the time) it refers to a traffic light. 17,818 more words


Am I Saramago

A writing exercise: write a paragraph to a page with no punctuation.

It began with a long low echo of thunder footsteps of the Gods perhaps but certainly no mortals and then it started to rain big wet drops blanketing the wide expanse of open sky and earth then one just one could be seen tearing into view with legs flailing to and fro reckless abandon seemed his name and more followed with hooves like steel first a few then the horde in its undulating mass crested the hill and there they were in glory like a carpet of ants on the jungle floor but these were no insects these were stripes and teeth and thunder who could say what the threat was thought to be or how it began in the moment it ceased to matter for now all the scene was sinews and tendons gleaming with the downpour the two masses one from sky one from earth merging onto the plain of a desert so stark and lifeless mere minutes before now brimming with teeth and damp and thunder


Jose Saramago – Praregėjimas. Arba kaip veikia ideologija.

Tik pabandykite prisipažinti nedalyvavęs rinkimuose ir Jums teks stoti į besiginančio poziciją. Bet ar atsisakymas atiduoti savo balsą rinkimuose gali būti vertinamas kaip politinis pareiškimas? Štai į šį sudėtingą klausimą Jose Saramago kaip tik bando atsakyti savo knyga „Praregėjimas“. 525 more words

'Toate numele'- José Saramago

Tocmai am terminat de citit romanul “Toate numele”, şi-mi transcriu aici impresiile proaspete şi nedospite. ☺
Primul lucru care mi-a plăcut la acest roman este că ne duce într-un decor neaşteptat de plictisitor şi neaşteptat de productiv pe plan metaforic: registrul stării civile al unui oraş despre care nu ni se oferă detalii. 550 more words