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The Lenināmṛta, a Poetic Biography of Lenin in Sanskrit

I recently stumbled upon a fascinating piece of modern Sanskrit literary history in a library, the Lenināmṛta, a poetic biography of Lenin in Sanskrit.  It garnered a lot of interest when I wrote about it on Twitter, so I thought I should maybe just put the whole thing out here to generate more conversation. 45 more words

A Little Bhakti on a Sunday Morning

Flowing one,
why can’t I hear your voice
trickling down to me?
Your honeyed words
soothing my despair,
easing my pain.
The water of your love… 20 more words


We Are All Crushed Diamonds, Poety by Sarasvati

Genre: Love, Romance, Relationships

We Are All Crushed Diamonds
by Sarasvati

I’m so lucky
That I never knew, the love
Everyone seems to be looking for… 270 more words

Poetry Reading

Sarasvati and Lakshmi

It’s said that Sarasvati and Lakshmi have a mutual dislike for one another, and that petitioning one will offend the other. They are so unalike, it’s not hard for me to see how they wouldn’t get along. 194 more words


Namo Devi!

Namo Vac, the voice of thunder

Namo Sarasvati, the breaker of mountains

Namo Benzaiten, the keeper of dragons

Namo, Namo, Namo, Namo Swaha

Namo Vac, the water in heaven… 40 more words


Like for Like II

Paper for paper, like for like. Gift for gift, love for love.


Like for Like

I have a paper due on Monday. It must be twenty-five pages long, though I know my professor will settle for a well-written twenty. I currently have nine. 131 more words