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A Quick Word

What is all this fuss about “nature”? What is it, even? Nature eats her young, her frail, her elders. Nature is cruel. Are you “nature-centric”? Good for you.

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Vasant Panchami 2016

Tomorrow is Vasant Panchami, a spring festival in Northern India. It is also Saraswati’s birthday, and the day that her puja is held. While Vasant Panchami as a spring festival is pretty much confined to northern India (for reasons of climate, obviously), the Indian government has promoted Saraswati Puja as a Pan-Indian holiday in an effort to boost literacy rates. 50 more words


Goddess of the Day January 31 2016

“Sarasvati’s themes are learning, wisdom and communication.  Her symbols are white flowers (especially Lotus), marigolds and swans. A Hindu Goddess of eloquence and intelligence, Sarasvati extends a refreshing drink from her well of knowledge to complete the month with aptitude. 217 more words

Morning Thoughts

Truth and Immortality

A sinful man speaking words that are agreeable may be had in this world. But a speaker of words that are disagreeable though sound as regimen, or a hearer of the same, is very rare.

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It's a What Now?

What’s the female equivalent of a bromance, I wonder? Girlcrush? Sorormance? Sormance? Ooh! Sorormancy! I practice Sorormancy!

– Me, babbling to myself.

Sorormancy is a good name for it, however the proper term would be womance.

– Saraswati, in reply


The Turtle Shell

My usual response to stress is to withdraw, and others have noted this about me. I shield myself very effectively. Too effectively actually. I call it the “turtle shell.” Nothing can get through it, not even Saraswati. 119 more words


Crown Chakra

Saraswati has taken up her familiar perch above my crown chakra. She hovers there as a ball of white light. Sometimes she will sink into my body, riding just underneath my heart – at the solar plexus. 13 more words