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The Goddess Major Arcana: Sarasvati/Wisdom

The High Priestess is, as I’ve said, my favorite card in the entire Major Arcana and in fact in the entire deck. I so fell in love with the idea of Priestesshood when I first encountered in through Tarot that I became a Priestess myself! 484 more words

The Ninth Key

My life has been going very well lately, but I still felt so lost. The reasons for this always seemed to be just beyond my reach to articulate, until a post from a Tarot site came swimming up my facebook feed. 281 more words


Water and Wisdom

Saraswati Devi is a goddess of water and wisdom, worshipped across Asia by millions of people in multiple faiths. While she is the patroness of learning and the arts, she is also ancient and elemental in her power, for she was once a guardian spirit of the sacred river from which she took her name. 59 more words


I Kneel

When I kneel before Saraswati Devi, I pray for Her to send the waters down from heaven to break the mountain my ego built, which has hidden Her light from me.


Sarasvati Tribal ☆ 3º Aniversario ☆

Un año más de danzar y compartir!

Sarasvati celebra 3 años de haber nacido como tribu ♥ La agrupación ha pasado por diversas integraciones y cambios, sin embargo nuestro mensaje sigue siendo el mismo: fomentar la unión, la belleza y empoderamiento femenino a través de la danza. 53 more words

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