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Spiritual Quarantine

I was struggling to find the words for what’s happening to me, but Saraswati found them first: I am in spiritual quarantine. I’m no longer allowed to work with deities other than her, and other deities are no longer allowed to approach me. 13 more words


Quem Mantra seus males espanta...

Esse não é exatamente o ditado popular que você ouve desde a  infância, mas a pequena adaptação que fizemos trouxe um novo sentido, porém não menos verdadeiro, para a famosa frase. 249 more words


Review Buku: Peter by Risa Saraswati

Hai semuanya. Postingan kali ini saya akan membahas tentang sebuah buku. Kali ini pilihan saya jatuh pada buku yang berjudul Peter karya novelis sekaligus musisi yang tak asing ditelinga para penikmat musik indie yaitu Risa Saraswati. 969 more words


A Quick Word

Fear is not respect.

– Saraswati, following up on my previous post (Baggage)



Don’t be afraid of me. I love you.

– Saraswati

When you’re used to a deity’s silence meaning displeasure and damnation, it can be really fucking hard to learn that the one you’re with right now is just off doing something else at the moment.

37 more words

Speak From The Heart

My Lady is quite often beyond my comprehension, but really, so are most things. In fact, if we’re going to be honest, I don’t think the human mind can actually comprehend the fullness of anything, whether its the nature of the gods or the behavior of cats and dogs. 98 more words


The Moon Within

My Lady, I call out to you like a child in the night, who wakes from her shallow dreams of fickle sunlight to find the world in darkness. 32 more words