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My Lady is...

My Lady is called upon as a goddess of wisdom and a patroness of learning by traditions across the world, from India to Japan. She is known not just as Saraswati, but as Yangchenma and Benzaiten-sama. 45 more words


The Dragon Lady

I’ve shared this picture before, and called it my personal Saraswati, without much other explanation. It’s a Sino-Tibetan silkscreen that I got off EBay; I have it hanging over my altar. 147 more words


Of a feather

Saraswati is associated in Hindu lore with the a bird called a hamsa, hence the name of this blog. The identity of the hamsa is somewhat debated. 194 more words


The Polestar

Someone new is in my life…I think? I’m not certain, as it could simply be My Lady in another one of her many guises. The entity in question, anyway, is the Sino-Japanese star deity known as Myōken. 179 more words


The Perfect Saraswati

This is the image I have hanging over my shrine, a rather nice silkscreen print I got from EBay for about $25USD. It’s Sino-Tibetan, and incorporates pretty much all the imagery I associate with My Lady. 11 more words


o sarasvatī, shower your smile

तव करकमलस्थां स्फाटिकीमक्षमालां
नखकिरणविभिन्नां दाडिमीबीजबुद्ध्या ।
प्रतिकलमनुकर्षन् येन कीरो निषिद्ध:
स भवतु मम भूत्यै वाणि ते मण्डहास: ।।

with your gentle smile,
you prevent the bouncy parrot… 211 more words



Mind is the womb of Saraswati, wherein all wisdom rests, and from which comes forth all meaning.