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Danur, film kisah nyata anak indigo

Danur, film bergenre horor akan menghiasi layar lebar di Indonesia pada 30 Maret 2017. Film yang diangkat dari novel Gerbang Dialog Danur karya Risa Saraswati ini berasal dari pengalaman nyata pribadinya sebagai gadis indigo.  395 more words


Eternity and a River

Saraswati Devi’s worship can be traced back to the early Vedic era in India (ca.1500 BCE), when she was honored in the form of a sacred river of the same name. 75 more words


The Mandala of My Life

One of the founders of the Western Buddhist Order (now rebranded as Triratna) wrote a book called Meeting the Buddhas. In it he described the familiar Buddhist icons known as mandalas as maps of one’s inner life and priorities. 96 more words


Perfect Offerings

Lady Saraswati,

I give myself to you in perfect trust, as an offering with perfect love.


3rd Anniversary

One of the founders of the Western Buddhist Order, now known as Triratna, posed a question to readers in his book, Meeting the Buddhas: if your life was a mandala, what would be at the center? 81 more words


My Lady is...

My Lady is called upon as a goddess of wisdom and a patroness of learning by traditions across the world, from India to Japan. She is known not just as Saraswati, but as Yangchenma and Benzaiten-sama. 45 more words