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I'm Dying - Well Not Really

There are a ton of things that no one tells us about getting older, or, if they do, we just pass it off as moaning. So, allow me to enlighten you about one of the worst things. 652 more words


Watching the USA is Like Watching a Toddler Play in His Poop

After a designating December a whole month of ungratefulness, I thought it was time to take a break before I started changing up this blog and dragging it into 2017, which apparently, is the year of the cock. 1,141 more words


Touchdown, Founding Fathers!

“The Founding Fathers really dropped the ball with the whole concept of the Electoral College, but they totally made up for it with the timing of the Inauguration,” The Devil informed me as he passed the platter of Hell Fire Wings without turning his attention away from the action on the television. 590 more words


Your Neighbor's Garage Band Is Playing Trump's Inauguration

Just when you thought things could not get any worse with President Elect Trump, Modern Philosophers, he had to go and drag your annoying neighbor into it. 558 more words


Make All Your Most Outrageous Dreams Into An Actual Reality With What Else? An ELK!

Top of the morning everyone! Rod Bucksnare here for the company I have which is named after my esteemed self, Bucksnakre International Limited!

You know we make something for everything and most of our products are at the very least wildly successful and absurdly costly! 461 more words