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Is Trump Bugs Bunny's Big Orange Monster?

I was having trouble sleeping again last night, Modern Philosophers.

It had been a long day, there was a lot on my mind, and I just couldn’t turn off my brain and make that final, much needed descent into Dreamland. 575 more words



One of the biggest challenges I face with my mental illness is managing stress.

I become overwhelmed easily. I obsess. I over think everything. I essentially blow up or break down, mentally and physically. 800 more words


My mind is complicated chaos

I’m lost and empty. I’m guarded and blocked. I’m afraid of any more pain so I hide and avoid living. I am a very fragile person, yet fiercely strong and independent. 680 more words


Friday Night Think Tank: Are We Hopelessly Trumped?

It’s Friday night, Modern Philosophers!

I know the Friday Night Think Tank has been closed for a long time, but it’s a gorgeous night, Def Leppard is in concert across the river, and I thought it would be a perfect night to reopen the place and fill it with Deep Thoughts. 395 more words


What My Dad Taught Me About Being A Strong Woman

Confused? Some reflection on childhood memories made me realize that my dad actually taught me some good lessons on how to be a strong woman. And, come on, if you really do know my dad then you know that there is always a lesson to be learned in EVERYTHING. 806 more words


Life lesson 6.17.2016

No question, this is my biggest pet peeve. Whether it’s my kids, a co-worker, relative, a friend or a relationship. Maybe because I was once married to the biggest liar in the world… but then I realized my worth. 238 more words