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Here Fishy Fishy

My kids get so engrossed with Minecraft (especially right after an update) that I end up with LOTS of quiet time.

However, last night, Daughter was trying to catch some fish, and she wasn’t having any luck.   42 more words


The Emotional Toll of Books

Yesterday (as I do sometimes) I finished an entire book, cover to cover in one sitting. I am technically half way through five that sit near my bedside, way over due at the library, silently collecting fees, and I wonder if I will ever finish them… (more about that later).. 418 more words


Clown Makeup

I have a Christmas party this weekend.  I bough some new makeup as I ended up with an eye infection last week, and well, I don’t need that pus cycle to continue. 77 more words


11-24-2015 Journal– Computers, Crowds & Shopping!

The electric blanket remains at level six this morning as I lounge here and try to decide what this day will bring.  The better-half works only a half day today which I fear means more Christmas shopping in my immediate future. 387 more words

Just Saying

What it's really like to travel

Hi there!

As you all may know I have I love travelling so much. I’ve been to 6 different cities, took 4 different planes and spent about 200 hours in the car going somewhere and all of that within 6 weeks. 1,128 more words


Dog poop everywhere

Mumbai is a bustling city. We are bustling from our seams and there is literally no place for people to live in. It’s crowded, it’s polluted, and it’s all of this and more. 592 more words

According to Harvard and Science...The Bitter Intellectual

When I do a post on the Bitter Blog, I never go into it ill prepared.  Nothing is thrown together. Every word, every detail, every grammar and made up word is heavily researched by my staff and has three sources to back it up.   529 more words