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Attack of the Blocktopus

(Blocktopus: That’s “cock-blocking-octopus”. And by “cock” I mean “pen”. Obviously.)

“Start a blog,” she said…

“It’ll be fun!” she said……to herself, without thinking it through. 372 more words


Cows Demand Equal Milking Rights

An international organization of cows,  Bovines Against Monopolized Milking (BAMM), today demanded equal milking rights for their kind.

“If you’re gonna milk us, we’re gonna milk you!” Betsy, the BAMM spokescow, proudly told this Modern Philosopher. 754 more words


How To Tell If Your Date Is Really A Bounty Hunter

I took another walk across the bridge last night, Modern Philosophers, and the date went very well.

Whenever I’m on a first date, it reminds me  to write another Dating Tips posts so that you guys are well informed when you head out into the dating world. 955 more words


Why Are You So Tanned?

People often ask if I just returned from a holiday.  No, I did not.  I found this place that is so often overlooked by many.  It’s a wonderful place not too far from your own house even. 35 more words


New York Bans Monopoly From Prisons After Recent Escapes

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced that Monopoly has been banned from all correctional facilities in the state.

This move comes in the wake of the recent escape of two prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Upstate New York.  371 more words


Monday Morning Coffee Club: 6/29/15

It’s a rainy day and a Monday, Modern Philosophers, and that always gets me down.


To add to Monday’s usual carnage, today is  going to be a bittersweet one at work.  448 more words


But Can The Secret Service Protect Your Soul?

“I’ve been reading the campaign literature Michelle created, and I think you should give some serious thought to running for President,” The Devil declared when I returned to the living room of The House on the Hill with an armful of Snapple bottles. 779 more words