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Bangor DJ Refuses To Raise The Roof Until City Raises Minimum Wage

In the wake of the Bangor City Council’s recent decision to put off any decision on raising the city’s minimum wage until after the election in November, the city’s most popular DJ has decided to take a stand. 677 more words


Now This Is Stephen King's Maine

I have to admit, Modern Philosophers, that when I moved to Maine, I expected it to be exactly like something out of Stephen King’s scarier novels. 677 more words


Does Slow Dancing On A Grave Lead To Necrophilia?

Several local morticians with apparently far too much time on their hands, recently sat down to ponder a Deep Thought that has kept many people awake at night: 544 more words


Would Trump Banish Maine's Aliens To Deep Space?

I was invited for Sunday Brunch aboard the Glovorkian Mothership that hovers high above Bangor, Modern Philosophers.

While this was not my first meal aboard the mighty spacecraft that is the jewel of the Glovorkian Fleet, I got the sense that the last second invitation meant that my Alien friends had something important they wanted to discuss. 855 more words


With wellies to kill...

A woman can only take so much.

A month ago I got bitten by what seemed like a flea for three nights in a row and my apartment, as the rains came, seemed to grow mould everywhere over night. 338 more words


Monday Morning Coffee Club: 7/27/15

Good morning, Modern Philosophers.  Happy Monday!

It’s hard to believe that this is the final Monday of July.  Where has the Summer gone?  I’m making the most of it by writing this out on the front porch of The House on the Hill.  449 more words


One Hell Of A Deep Thought

I sat down on the couch, freshly showered after my run, and chugged half of my glass of chocolate milk in one thirsty gulp.

The Devil put down his newspaper and smiled.  941 more words