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Ode to Bathroom Selfies

Between my showervodka (a delicious vodka drink enjoyed while taking a shower) and my need to reminisce (going through all my photos on my computer trying to find a decent new Facebook profile picture), I came to realize I’ve taken a lot of bathroom selfies over the years. 118 more words


That's Dr. Barista to you!

Hello Chap,

Apologies for the silence over the last couple of weeks, but in my defence I have been very, very busy. The reason for this is because (queue Futurama reference) GOOD NEWS EVERYONE I have a job! 561 more words

02-06-2016 Journal - February Snow!

I awakened yesterday to another snow storm that eventually dropped more than ten inches on us. It was one of those snows that seem to stick to every surface, covering trees and bushes and turning the area into a wonderland. 210 more words

Just Saying Again

The Badass Guide to Valentine's Day

Dear KK,

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and already the TV is full of adverts for the ‘perfect’ Valentine’s gift. Traditionally and predictably there are a ton of ads for jewelry, but there are one or two oddities that have got me thinking. 2,404 more words


I Love Hispanics

(Given the current political climate regarding immigration, I feel this will always be relevant)

I live in Florida and I constantly hear people bitching about the Hispanic population here.  132 more words

American Culture

Email #10 (a poem)

Hi, it’s me again

I know, another email

Can I

be your friend?

just click “accept friend request”

it’s online, safe like your gated community… 72 more words


Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? So goes the question in one of the most popular children’s fairy tales. The evil queen in the story of the Sleeping Beauty went to so much of trouble to find out who is the fairest and to plot evil schemes to ensure she remained the fairest in the land. 614 more words