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Dear Pandora Complaint Department...

Dear Pandora,

I wasn’t sure of the best way to reach your Complaint Department, so I thought I would just write to you on my blog and trust the power of the internet and social media to get this to the proper people. 383 more words


Pit Bull Parade

I’ve written about tons of different topics on my blogs throughout the years and I’ve always been amazed at how my Pit Bull posts seem to attract the most attention. 307 more words

American Culture

I Advise You To Seek Help If It Lasts More Than Four Hours

Dear Modern Philosopher,

I’ve been waking up every morning with a problem that’s very hard on me.   Usually, my morning would be a time I’d slowly ease myself into my day, but now I feel like I’m being thrust into action.  472 more words


I Hope The Leprechaun Can't Find Me On The Roof

“What are you doing up here?” Gary the Gargoyle asked as I climbed out of the attic window and onto the roof.  “Don’t you have a houseful of guests?” 822 more words


Today's scam is brought to you by the letter "F"

When we receive mail such as the following, we often look for curious phrases to run through search engines, more for our one amusement than anything else. 911 more words


Attention, WalMart Shoppers...

I decided

I needed

An adventure


So I took

A trip

To WalMart.

It’s just up

The street,

And way more

Convenient than

The Mall. 117 more words


Running The Last Of The Snow And Ice Out Of Town

It was still below freezing when I woke up this morning, Modern Philosophers, but since it has been in the 40s for the last few days, I didn’t really mind. 559 more words