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Relax...It's A Holiday

It’s Memorial Day, Modern Philosophers.

So many people asked me about my weekend plans, and my answer was very clear:

I plan to spend it not working. 649 more words


The Divorce Epiphany

Allie awoke with a start, as if suddenly coming to after a horrific nightmare.

Although she was in bed, and it was the middle of the night, it was not a bad dream that had roused her from her slumber. 918 more words


Bitter Auto Sarcastic Answerer

My life gets really hectic sometimes. I have all kinds of people to ignore, situations that take time to avoid, and work that needs to be done that I need to find excuses for not doing. 306 more words


Following Trends Friday Giftures

Over the years, my blog has gone through many different changes. Okay, only a few. I’ve added a new banner a few times. And it seems like I’ve gone through multiple followers that have faded and had to find new ones. 386 more words


03-26-2018 My New 21st Century Addiction

I haven’ t posted anything since the start of the year and I’m feeling a little guilty.  Having a blog is like having an ungratful child.  531 more words

Just Saying Again

Hell Is Not A Democracy

I was sitting on the couch, sipping a Snapple, and watching the football game.

I looked to my right, where I could see The Devil reading the Sunday paper on his end of the couch.  597 more words


The Devil's Ball Drop

“Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?” The Devil asked as he poured my Snapple into a fancy champagne flute.

My New Year’s Eve guest had eschewed his usual impeccably tailored suit for a sharp tuxedo that made him look like Hell’s version of James Bond. 544 more words