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Are You Out For A Run Or On A First Date?

I’ve haven’t been writing about running lately, Modern Philosophers, because I’m out of creative ways to tell you about my adventures (struggles) in my Running Toga. 1,399 more words


Ain't Lady Luck A Wicked Pissah?

Lady Luck decided to show me how fickle she can be tonight, Modern Philosophers.

Since it’s Friday, I went directly to the grocery store after being unchained from my desk.  412 more words


Friday Night Think Tank: Dead End

It’s finally Friday, Modern Philosophers!

The work week has hit a dead end, and now every road leads to the weekend.  I’m out on the porch of The House on the Hill, enjoying the gorgeous Maine weather, and thinking about the delicious salt and vinegar wings that are going to be my dinner. 593 more words


The Divorce Dating Dilemma

“I’m pretty sure my divorce lawyer is into me,” Eric announced out of the blue as he opened the carton on his tray and stared at the Big Mac contained within. 1,007 more words


Disney Buys The Rights To The Bible; Sequels In The Works

Now that Disney has taken over the Star Wars saga and proven that The Force is strong with them, the company has decided to set its sights on the second greatest story every told. 634 more words


Are You On A First Date Or Just Having A Nightmare?

Memorial Day has come and gone, which means we are now in the middle of prime dating season, Modern Philosophers.

I can’t just send you out into the dating world unprepared and confused, so it’s time for another dating tips post. 1,174 more words


The Ladmo Bag: Proof That It's Never Too Late

Did someone say Ladmo Bag?! OMG!!! Pick me! Pick me!

Don’t know what a Ladmo Bag is? Lemme ‘splain.  Growing up, I lived in Arizona. I lived in the “olden times” (as my kids like to put it) when TV had maybe 10 channels. 863 more words