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Running With The Devil

“Want to hear something funny?” I asked innocently as I reached into the cooler to grab an ice cold Snapple.

“I have been waiting patiently for you to say something humorous for the past several months, my friend,” The Devil said dryly as he looked at me over his newspaper. 578 more words


Plus 1

Son has been begging for a sleepover.  I fucking hate sleepovers.  It’s doesn’t matter where it takes place, it becomes a lose/lose either way.  Kids come home bitchy because they stayed up too late and ate shitty food.   210 more words


Fantabulous At 40!

Today was the 4oth run of my eight week running adventure, Modern Philosophers.  Tomorrow, I go for my annual physical, so I will know soon enough if all this exercise and healthy eating has done any good. 569 more words


Are You Dating Your Imaginary Friend?

It’s Saturday night, Modern Philosophers, and since no one loves me or wants to go out with me, I will be spending another Date Night alone at The House on the Hill. 837 more words


Close Encounters Of The Worst Kind

I was able to catch the last half hour of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” last night as I was sitting down to dinner, Modern Philosophers. 686 more words


Friday Night Think Tank: Interns' Choice

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

As I’ve mentioned many, many times over the course of the week, I am on vacation.  Because of this, I will probably not be able to appear in person at the Think Tank tonight. 466 more words


Back In The Gas Guzzling Saddle Again

I went grocery shopping this morning, Modern Philosophers, and on my way to the store, I realized that it was the first time I’d driven in a week. 418 more words