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Me, My dog and a leisurly chat

I pet him, patronize him and ask him how does it feel to be a dog. He asks me how does it feel to be a patronizing pretentious jerk. 316 more words


It's all downhill from here.

Numb limbs are not good for brain work. HOLY FROZEN MONKEY TESTICLES, BATMAN. Who gave mother nature the okay to be this damned insane? Frigid bitch. 191 more words


How to...be lazy?

Ugh. Just Google it or something. I’m too lazy to write a post about it.


Carping Comment - Seriousoly

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a “Carping Comment”. Most folks figured out fairly quickly that I didn’t “Do” that whole ‘insult for effect’ or snark and snipe scene. 4,554 more words


A Story of a Story Introductions

So I know I am Novella Synthesis and not this fly dame called Poetry; but we both have something in common- we are both story tellers only that I am prose. 242 more words


Just Girly Things for Women Who Keep it REAL

Every once in a while people ask me what my ultimate goal is with my blog. Do I want to write a book one day? Or is it just a receptacle for all the insane shit that fills my noggin?  209 more words