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I know it’s not nice and I really shouldn’t make fun

But over the years it’s become something I’ve always done.

You see, when you live in Florida in the winter months… 107 more words


Wrecking Ball Bitter Friday Giftures

Nope. I know what you are thinking. This has nothing to do with Viley Mirus. I’m talking about those big balls of forged steel that take down brick structures faster than a pig can run all the way home. 268 more words


Sleep jokes are not funny 

This is me … Every. Single. Day!

And here are a few more that made me chuckle through my yawns.



Kieran – “Shall we go for a drink down the local pub?”

Me – “Yeah, sure! Or we can drink in the house and not get stabbed.” 149 more words


10 Things That Tea Partiers Apparently Didn’t Learn in Kindergarten

I originally wrote this piece several years back, when I was unimpressed with a certain political party. (I still am.) Reviewing it now for a possible re-post, so many of the lines remind me of a certain person who will be taking an oath later today. 1,058 more words


Straight privilege is

a steady tide of people in your comment section asking you for advice on how to violate their partner’s boundaries.

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