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15 Facts About Me


Sorry about not posting… things got a little…crazy…

But, since I turned fifteen a few days ago, I thought I would give 15 Facts About Me! 202 more words

arachnid facial infestation

A spider has laid eggs in the side of my face.
The turgid mass has grown so large that surely, at any moment, it will burst and spew forth dozens of arachnid progeny. 48 more words


Here is a Joke

I heard that the reason why a joke is funny is because there is a sliver of truth in them. Now this truth is exaggerated, covered with different layers of metaphor, expressed with deep sarcasm, spun around and delivered in funny accents or manipulated in one way or that other that allows the truth to be swallowed a little easier. 295 more words

The Werewolf/Crab Theory

I’ll attempt to put a funny twist to this. Laugh at the posterity of this situation.

I got home and got assaulted with a solitary rubber shoe. 249 more words


Gates must be so bitter

The Tom Brady thing about deflated balls just won’t go away. This thing happened so long ago, I was like in my early to late 41’s when it came out. ¬† 242 more words


Somebody is going to get hurt and it won't be me...

Yesterday I decided that in 90 degree temperatures, I was going to detail both the Hubster’s car and my SUV. Obviously, I suffered some sort of mental breakdown. 364 more words


Turkey Hands and Needle Marks 

What I always look at first in people is not their eyes, but their arms. Eyes can easily harbor lies, arms show some truth. Now not everyone’s arms give a story, but if you look, there are quite a few things to see. 349 more words