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When you have to explain your sarcasm, who has failed, the speaker or the listener?


What India Needs.

I’m done with all the rape news. Done with all the corruption. Therefore, I bring to you the following list of what India really needs. 338 more words


Parking your Vehicles

We at the Department Of Doing Silly Things would like to remind everybody that when operating a vehicle on a busy road, it is safest to refrain from parking in the middle lane and jogging (no matter how briskly) to the shop. 292 more words



What would limerick writers do

If there wasn’t a town called Nantucket?

Would they do more research

Or pray for an answer in church

Or sigh and just say, “Oh fuck it”?


Reflection Vol. 4: Freestyle Writing Challenge

When I saw almost every blogger I’m currently following are being challenged one way or another to participate in the Freestyle Writing Challenge, I knew it would be a matter of time before one of my favorite bloggers tosses my name in the ring. 870 more words


Charity ride closes DVP and Gardiner on Sunday

TORONTO – The annual Becel Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart charity event will close down the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway on Sunday. 57 more words


j. reblogged this on J and C Read the News and commented:

It's hard to "use public transit" when the TTC is closed, City of Toronto. Let's review: no service St. Clair to Downsview, not even OPEN before 9 AM... Do you lazy shits just never have to be anywhere before noon? Must be nice to have a cushy government job.