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Hold That Elevator

It ain’t always easy being one of WordPress’s least loved blogs, ya know.

It’s a huge non-commitment of time and resources to bring you this modicum of mediocrity, such as it is. 785 more words

Sports Lover or Sportsperson Lover?

Since I know I’m gonna write a hell of shit here and its already giving me complexity to decide its title. It’s just the beginning and I’m getting feeling that it can exasperate pseudo sports lover and patriots to that level that my fate could be worse than charlie-hebdo’s cartoonists. 848 more words


Seasonm Finales Are The Work Of The Devil, Who Needs Brakes When There's Bricks, And Some Other Odd Bits Of Pointlessness

Oh how I love The Walking Dead and how I loathe the detestable time period between the season finale and the next season’s premiere!  Curse you AMC for putting me through this wretched sort of purgatory!  575 more words


Repost: What's the Deal With Celebrity Crushes?

Have you ever swooned over a celebrity? Kept their photos on your walls or your desktop, or (God forbid) on your phone case? I knew someone who had a Chris Hemsworth iPhone case. 683 more words