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July 20

Reflections Of A Sober Chicken Thief published by Nothing Changes Press

July 20

” I’m done with this game.” – me

” Game? That’s Bullshit. When I ask you it’s a game…but when you ask me? 137 more words

A Dork's Guide to Surviving a Boring Class

Note: This’ll only work if you’re 100% dork. 100% fangirl/trashcan should also work =)

Hello, Internet Wanderers!

Again, it’s July 7th and I’m currently scheduling posts before I go on vacation because- I honestly don’t know why I’m finally doing this 😂😂😂. 516 more words


BuMP -#2: Psychotic Birds in a Boat Headed North by Northwest to Catch a Thieving Correspondent Intent on Sabotaging the Stranger on a Train Standing at the Rear Window and Holding a Rope Despite the Vertigo and the Trouble with Harry

Hume: “I’m not sure what I’m seeing. It’s almost indescribable, like the weird way these clothes make me look twelve years old.”

Henry: “Well, I lost my glasses fightin’ off that giant squid a few miles back while the rest of you did squat, but I think one of them words on that sign says ‘blog’ or some such.” 787 more words


Forget Letting Go - Hold on and Be Miserable

Forget Letting Go- Hold on and Be Miserable
Who wants peace when you can have chaos and turmoil? Why strive for simplicity when complicated drama can fill up your time and energy? 397 more words

Personal Musings

186 // Mental Health In Safe Mode

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I was always into computers as a kid, I don’t remember the exact year we got our first, but I remember it was big. 669 more words

Mental Health

It's ma birthday... Well, it was

It was my birthday last weekend. I love my birthday! I love all of the attention, all of the fuss and all of the presents. I know it’s not fashionable to say that, and I should be all like “it’s the thought that counts”. 620 more words