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Tale #1: The Last Single Girl

Welcome to my inaugural post!  Not sure if anyone is going to read this but I figured I should get my thoughts on paper.  This is a blog I’ve been toying with for awhile but procrastination is a single girl’s best friend.  449 more words


લગ્ન* - *Terms and Conditions Apply

તારીખ: ૧૭ ઑક્ટોબર ૨૦૧૭

દિવાળીનો સમય છે માટે બધાજ અત્યારે ખરીદી કરવા જતા હોય….આપણે જોયુ હશે કે ગમે તે આકર્શક ઑફરોની ઉપર એક ફુદડી કરીને લખેલુ હશે કે Terms & Condition Apply. 10 more words

મારા વિચારો (My Thoughts)

Stay Infected.

How I wish if I could infect people with…

A disarming smile when someone is mad at you for no reason = Fight avoided.

A kind word to a sad face= Happy face. 417 more words


Middle of nowhere.

Without any warning, the car angled off of a smooth floor to an uneven bumpy rough terrain, Chris’s grip on the steering wheel tightened. After suffering the bumps for a while, it stopped. 616 more words

A Day Around Zurich (with kids and...Trump?)

We realized four months into a year-long career break in Switzerland, that we hadn’t really spent any time in Zürich, the largest city in the country. 994 more words


Past Imperfect - #278

Professor Eugene Oregonus is a member of the tenured faculty at The University for People Who Can Actually Afford to Go Here. As such, with that “tenured” angle, just like Supreme Court justices who are worthless but somehow got the promotion, he can say whatever he wants without fear of retribution or termination of employment. 829 more words


University of Idiots

Is that a real place? I think I somehow got enrolled in the wrong university. Okay guys, I know I cuss a lot. It’s just my lack of filter when I get on here. 434 more words