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Communique from Cómpeta - #23

Jean: “Excuse me, Mr. Photographer Man, but what are we trying to accomplish here?”

Photographer: “Well, as the newest spokesmodel for Bonnywood Manor, you’re here to do your Public Relations magic and keep the blogging worlds aligned in a satisfactory manner.” 372 more words



“Just got back from a pleasure trip:  I took my mother-in-law to the airport.”  –Henny Youngman

I love to fly, to look out at the blue that goes on forever.   317 more words


floridaborne reblogged this on Two on a Rant and commented:

I wrote this in 2014 and it's still true today. I swore that I was NEVER going to go through another airport again. Why? I have the worst airport anxiety you can imagine. But... I'll get into the answer as to "Why the hell are you subjecting yourself to this torture?" later. Much, much later.

Walk with me forever and you will understand ( I have seen men grow to become old )

If the world isn’t so painful why don’t we get what we want straight away simply with ease? Why do we have to pretend to be so happy whiles we are not . 235 more words

Three Day Weekends Are The Bomb

Please excuse me, Modern Philosophers, if I’m not using hip, modern lingo properly.  After all, I am just a quirky introvert who rarely leaves the safe confines of The House on the Hill.  646 more words


‘Neptune’s penis is a trident-shaped missile’

College life has been interesting for me. I’d taken college prep classes in high school but they really hadn’t prepared me for the rigors of the university workload. 1,266 more words

Different Perspectives

What Did I Do Wrong????

You may remember

To Spam or Not To Spam (That is Word Press’ Answer)

Well, it’s official.

If you accept The Word Press explanation.

Spontaneously dozens of people I am in regular contact with decided that anything I send has to be treated as spam. 108 more words


News and Weather

I woke up, made some Peets coffee, and watched the local news and weather while scrolling on the net.

After seeing who killed who, how many arson fires were set, the number of politicians in the state looking for votes already, who took advantage of who, how our national security is playing out on Twitter, what certain families are wearing and saying, fake news, and how many minutes until the weather changes, I feel like I either need to go back to bed or take an antidepressant. 105 more words