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Our whole lives we are led to believe school and college are a pathway to a great future. We hear an alarm at 6am, roll out of bed with one eye shut, and get prepared for another day that is supposedly helping us prepare for our future. 710 more words


9:26 pm

People hurt other people. It’s inevitable. And it really fucking sucks. Why do my friends say things to put me down? Why do they think they can make fun of me and it’s okay? 133 more words

Quote of the Day

Dear Loving Boyfriend,

Today you, Sweetpea and I went to the store to pick out dinner. We were sitting at a red light and I discovered that Sweetpea will grow up to be, in short, a “Masshole”. 104 more words

Blended Family

I'm the "Indoorsy" type...

I am what one would refer to as a “basic bitch”. I love all things warm, cozy, pumpkin, stretchy, autumn-ey, sparkly. You get the idea. I live and breath for fall, pumpkin spice flavored everything, Halloween, & turkey dinners. 506 more words


The Examination

He walked out of the examination hall.

“How did it go?”

“I think it went well; I’ll get a 65 on 75 and the practical exam is still to happen.” 116 more words


6 Reasons You Don't Need a Boyfriend

  1. They pay for your stuff. Who even wants this? It’s 2015. Hello, feminism. I’d much rather buy my own vodka soda than let some arrogant loser insist on paying for it.
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Someone recently, upon seeing my sister and I together, commented that we look nothing alike. It reminded me of this post I wrote last year about my sissy, so I thought I’d repost it for those of you who didn’t read it then. 622 more words