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Mosquitoes: A Field Guide to Understanding Mosquitoes on World Mosquito Day

Mosquitoes.  Rightly feared, yet generally misunderstood, these jerks have been wreaking havoc on human beings since the dawn of man.  Yet, a simple understanding of their intentions and desires, can make co-existing with them, a far more manageable experience.  504 more words


What to do about Pedophile Priests

Anyone else hear about the grand jury report in Pennsylvania regarding sexual abuse by Catholic priests?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little tired of hearing about the whole sexual-abuse-in-the-clergy thing. 389 more words


What Makes Someone a Gamer?

About a week ago, my friend Kiara posted this on Twitter, and it got me thinking:

What is the criteria for being called a “gamer”? I mean, I run a mean…

946 more words
Video Games

It beckons me late at night...

Late at night, things happen. Terrible, terrible things. Yet if you think about it hard enough, those terrible things may actually turn out to be something great. 356 more words


Hurt Me

There’s a tweet that seems to have gained real traction on Twitter these days. It starts with the line:

Them: Hurt Me

What follows is a back forth imaginary conversation between two people. 979 more words

Laina Ruff

Past Imperfect - #461 (A Random and Unrequited Crusty Pie Marathon)

PR Consultant: “Wow. What exactly were you thinking when you posed for this photo?”

Myrna: “Well, initially I thought it would be a brave depiction of what Hollywood actresses look like without all the glamour and makeup.” 331 more words