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I killed my fish and God hates me.

I killed my fish today, and God must hate me. “You’re seriously getting another animal?”, “You really think that’s a good idea?”, “Seriously, stop getting pets.” Yep, those “grievances” are repeating over and over in my head (thanks to my dear family). 771 more words

Kevin Spacey and The Arts

Kevin Spacey wants us to keep funding the arts.

Why should we pay for that?

Who cares if clothes all look the same?

Who needs designers? 92 more words


Chocolate BabyBaby

Wannabe Boyfriend

Left atrium

Pulmonary Veins
August 25, 2016

The Angelic Exquisite

Right ventricle

Pulmonary artery
Re: Application for Chocolate Baby Position (Ref. Code: 000143) 183 more words

The Unlimited Pool of Dada

Once upon a time, a tall, clumsy, bitter farmer lived in a dark land near the forest. Though privileged in many ways compared to many in the land, he always found a way to complain about how bitter his life was. 957 more words


Dreams that make you go, "NOT!"

I have a son.  

He’s a professor.

Professors are very good at knowing what to do in conventions.

But not in dreamworld.

This particular foray into !!! 452 more words


BIG UPDATE - Youtube Channel?

What’s up everybody!

Okay, I’ve wanted to start a Youtube channel for a really long time, but I kept putting it off because I was so intimidated by how many Youtubers there are out there. 140 more words

No Kind Act Goes Unpunished

I dunno just
what the hell
I was thinking.

I was at the gym
(my usual place to be
at 10:30 am on a… 270 more words