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Leaving a legacy.

I’ve never been all that interested in fame or being known among thousands of people (don’t misunderstand that would be cool) but to be remember by everyone I’ve met when I die would be something nice. 174 more words

About Me

Work Flexibility

Much of my life is about routine. I don’t take adventures to tall mountains even though they are mere minutes from where I live. I also don’t go outside much, even though just a little glass and roof seperate me from that. 329 more words


Really Really Random Musings #2



We are cripplingly defecient in waffles. We must get waffles. The body demands waffles.

Will pancake do?


Ice cream?

Absolutely not.

WE REQUIRE….. 91 more words


Past Imperfect - #145

Jane: “I feel compelled to report an issue with my accommodations.”

Hairaldo: “You look like you are compelled about a lot of things. And why is your dress stapled to your bosom?” 453 more words


Some days, I'm done being a human

Today was one of those days where I got sucked into my thoughts. I was sure my friends were putting on an elaborate display, pretending to care. 245 more words


A Blatant Rip-off

Blame the illustrious   BRIAN LAGEOSE 


Bonnywood Manor   

for this.  He came up with the idea.   I’m stealing it.

Plus.  He brought up Meatloaf.   I have triggers and Meatie is one.. 2,152 more words


47 Meters Down

Synopsis: Two sisters are on a trip to Mexico. One day, Kate forces Lisa to go scuba diving with sharks. She’s not prepared whatsoever, has a panic attack before she’s even in the water, but does whatever she can to make her sister happy because she’s stupid. 2,255 more words