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Theory 2 - The Straight Line

I work for a living.  With that in mind, I drive the same route five days a week, to the point where I could honestly do it with my eyes duct taped shut.   216 more words

Theory 11 - Loss of Self

When you’re born, you become YOU.  Technically, depending on whichever side of the fence you reside, you may become YOU at conception.  I straddle that fence.   247 more words

Pokémon = N Korea. Score: 1 Dizzy  0 Everyone Else

Welp, I despise being one for “I told ya so’s”, but dammit if the shoe fits. Yall didn’t listen, El Jeffe included, and this is what happens. 338 more words


Yes, it's been one of those weeks! 

Eldest daughter throwing daily tantrums because it’s freezing cold and I insist on her wearing shoes, socks and a coat to school … Every day! (What a bitch amI!) … 317 more words


Past Imperfect - #385

In a rare moment when the Public Health Commission in Mississippi was allowed to speak freely without intervention by religious nut-jobs, the citizens of Biloxi learn what they can expect to encounter when it comes to bladder control in their senior years…


Past Imperfect - #367

Hi there.

My name is Betty. This shouldn’t surprise you, because in the year that I was born everyone on the damn planet named their child Betty. 400 more words