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Hello Gorgeous!

     That would be , me, you, and all the rest of the world.  For starters, this is most obviously my very first post here.  Wee!!  I can almost feel the invisible claps of no one around the universe!   116 more words


Define "Shameless"

“Nice post. Now check out this post I made…”

Nice try. Now try to be a little more…subtle. I don’t know, did you even read MY post? 66 more words


Ugh - That's Having a Dog

I love my pets, more than anything, but they do things that makes me seriously question what I was thinking when I toted them home from the shelter.   439 more words


Ugh - It's the Little Things

We all pretend that the little things don’t bother us, but let’s face it, it is sometimes those little things that make us want to hurl ourselves (and sometimes others) off a cliff… into a bottomless pit.   593 more words


Saying the things that we are all thinking.

I pride myself on my inability to shut my big, fat mouth, but everyone of use has thing that just put us over the edge.  I realized a long time ago that most of us have a little sarcastic commentary marching its way through our thoughts, but we often keep it to ourselves.   56 more words


Obviously My Mother Didn't Love Me...

I seem to be inspired the most by songs I hear on the radio. Some songs inspire me to crank up the volume, some inspire me to change the station, and some hit me between the eyes with the realization that my mother didn’t love me and failed to realize my true potential. 759 more words


17 Things Only Chronically Sarcastic People Understand

1. Any time a study is published about the benefits of being sarcastic, approximately 20 different people email it to you or tag you in a Facebook post about it. 459 more words