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The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

I am always talking about how I find Gillian Flynn fantastic. She is by far my favorite author when it comes to the thriller fiction category and I am always excited to read something that she has written or has recommended. 369 more words


Sarcastically Insured.....

Phew! My last post was pretty intense, no? Today I thought we’d really lighten things up with some mindless humor.

So today I woke up to our youngest cat standing on my midsection and looking down at me. 722 more words


Blame It On Mercury In Retrograde

Hey guys and gals, it is that time of year again: Mercury is in retrograde. Wow what a blessing…

As I typed that I swear I heard some shrieks coming from outside. 465 more words

Food For Thought

Apologies To The People I Failed To Please Today

I would like to begin by saying a simple HELLO! And I am already expecting a tight-lipped smile with a nod from you. But that’s okay, you have the right to be mad at me. 337 more words


Art In Paradise ~ Chiang Mai 

So, as I have a new blog I think this 3D art museum is definitely worthy of a blog post and some cringey captions. I absolutely loved this place, the artwork is incredible and I could pose like an idiot for some brilliantly funny photos. 117 more words


Parts is Parts

There comes a time in the lives of many adults when they find themselves entering a very special club. It isn’t one you can purchase a membership in, nor is it one that you can apply for. 448 more words