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Bitter Ben Cinemas Present

Bitter Thanksgiving everyone!  I know you are at home right now, dying because you are trapped in the kitchen making stuff, or trapped being with your boooring family, or stuck watching your sucky football team lose miserably by just 1 point, or stuck looking at advertisements for the Black Friday that you are going to have to wake up at the crack of dawn, to wait in a line, to fight a crowd for a sale item that will be out of stock and get trampled to near death for that the kid won’t even appreciate it when he gets it.  675 more words


Got a Lot to Be Thankful For!

Seriously. I do.

I know I’m a ranty mouth that is  always complaining,  but I am thankful. For all the times that…

…the faucet went… 364 more words


Blessings abound on Thanksgiving Day

I hope everyone is enjoying a happy Turkey Day. (Except for the turkeys, that is — especially the ones who’ve had their heads cut off and breadcrumbs shoved up their backsides. 418 more words


Visiting Mom 2015 – Part Three

And so begins spending time with Dad’s side of the family. Friday night we are at my aunt Lenore’s house for dinner. Two of my cousins, her sons, Ron and Joe are there with their wives, Maria and Stacy along with Ron and Maria’s daughter Amber. 668 more words

Romance Novels

Lazy-Ass Teenagers #4

Trust me…there is no shortage of “shit” to write here!  PLUS, I do only have 218 more days to obtain material for my blog!😉..probably gonna start going hard to keep up with all the stuff I need to share before the deadline! 359 more words


Lazy-Ass Teenagers #3

Contains lots of swears – and no, I did not make my spacebar a “shortcut” to the word fuck. Not exactly sure how to do that anyways 😉 661 more words


Lazy-Ass Teenagers #2

Countdown to the BIG MOVE:  218 days, 12 hours, 8 minutes, 30 seconds

I have added a little endearing cuteness to this series by adding a “countdown” to the kid’s “moving day” and FINALLY being able to experience this “empty nest syndrome” that everyone keeps talking about! 86 more words