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Not so cool Friday Giftures

I don’t work at the speed of light. I have a tendency to be slackadaisical from time to time, especially when it comes to people I don’t needing things from me. 445 more words


Past Imperfect - #408

Terry paused, fully aware of which bathroom was more self-identifying, but trying to remember what state this was and whether or not there were any insipid rules created by local politicians who couldn’t care less about some of their constituents. 644 more words


How Much Do You Know About Irony?

You may remember some of Reedsy’s awesome creations such as Writing Dynamic Characters and Third Person Limited vs Omniscient PoV. Well, Ricardo Fayet and his team have done it again with a long-form post detailing the… 1,663 more words


Lost In My Thoughts On A Walk

How’s it going, Modern Philosophers?

This is one of those nights when I absolutely need to write, but I’m mentally exhausted and physically drained, so I’m not in the most creative mood.  1,449 more words


HR UNCUT: The Harsh Truths About Your Resumes That You NEED TO KNOW

Let me begin this shenanigan post off by justifying my credibility in this category. 1,267 more words


Life as an ERS (Exit Row Specialist)

Sitting in the exit row of a plane is something I take very seriously. As a relatively frequent flyer, I jump at the chance to bear responsibility for the lives of other travelers who are too wimpy to take on this burden themselves. 706 more words