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The Hypersensitivity of People

TRIGGER WARNING: this is going to be an incredibly sarcastic, satirical, insensitive rant with lots of “elite” thinking. Run, run away from all my “microaggressions” and “racism” and “white privilege”. 1,351 more words


Mexican snobbery

The gentleman Creoles or natives of Chiapa are as presumptuous and arrogant as if the noblest blood in the Court of Madrid ran through their veins. 174 more words


My Chemical Romance (Conspiracies Ahoy!)

The most interesting part of my week involved playing a game of “Mystery Taste”, which while sounding terrifying, was very fascinating. The Chef educated us to the types of taste our tongues recognize, as well as how our brain classifies the information. 145 more words


The Instruments of My Eminent Demise (Everyone’s Gotta Lose a Fingertip Eventually)

This week had less going on from the direct application of cooking side, and more on the all-purpose instruction and life lessons.

We were introduced to all of the fun (terrifying) and efficient (Terrifying!) instruments that we would be using for our cooking. 171 more words


How to Ruin an Egg (Nudity is Required)

And to think, it had its whole life ahead of it…

Yes, much as the title of this blog would imply, this week was quite the learning experience. 182 more words


Happy 50th Birthday Super Bowl!

This year the Super Bowl turns 50. In fact, today is the 50th super bowl that will be played.  In spite of that, I don’t want to talk about the NFL or the Super Bowl for today’s blog.  492 more words

General Interest

Sunday Summary (Special Edition)

(Week 5)

“When the world ends I’ll move to Holland, because there everything happens 50 years later”Heinrich Heine

One of my goals this year is to move to another country, and whenever I inform people in my surroundings of my plans, they always react the same: “why would you want to leave the Netherlands!?” 1,303 more words