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Horn OK TATA Please

प्रेरणा कही से भी मिल सकती है । इसकी एक बानगी देखिए । कल एक दोस्त की गाड़ी से कही जा रहे थे । रास्ते में एक जगह चाय पीने के लिए उसने गाड़ी खड़ी की । अब चाय तो साथ देने की चीज़ है बस पीने की नहीं । ख़ैर सीधे मुद्दे पर आते हैं । वहाँ एक सफ़ेद रंग की मारुती 800 पूरे शान के साथ खड़ी थी । उसके पीछे एक प्रतीक चिन्ह या सरल भाषा में कहे तो लोगो लगा था जिसने हमारा ध्यान आकर्षित किया । ये लोगो था फेरारी का । अब समझ आया शान के साथ क्यों ?



“I would challenge you to a battle of wits ….. but I see you are unarmed”


Pinky Promise?

Simple were the days where you could trust someone with your life by simply twisting your pinky around their’s. 405 more words


Icy Balls

Day 178 —  Enough of this $%@#!  It’s the second week of Spring, and I am driving home in a  bizarre Spring Storm with icy balls slamming against my windshield. 351 more words


How Not to Knit Underwater

“First off, why are you in the water? And why are you knitting?”

Okay, so I’m a swimmer in my first year of university and I learned two things this past season: 453 more words


Office Drama Queens

I hate drama. Now I’m not talking about the kind found between the pages of a good book, or played out on the silver screen. No I am referring to work place drama. 152 more words


United Airlines refuses boarding rights to a girl wearing dangerous leggings

United Airlines refused entry to a 10 year old girl and two other individuals because they were spotted wearing spandex leggings. The 10 year old was allowed entry after she took out a dress from her bag and put it over her leggings. 320 more words