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Yanking the Rug: The Day the Daisies Died

Note: This is my contribution to Maddy’s “Small Screen Blogathon”, wherein the participants pontificate about a TV show that they remember fondly…

Once upon a time, back when there were only three “major” TV networks in America and half the country was not on anxiety medication, things moved at a slower pace in the world of broadcast entertainment. 1,164 more words


Domestic Manager

We normally wouldn’t see a job posting for a role as a domestic manager, mainly because a domestic manager is just a formal way of saying “housewife” or “homemaker” and this role is usually assigned to the wife of the house, regardless of whether she is officially employed by a company or not. 296 more words


Disappointment Trumps Excitement on President's Day

I was talking to a coworker today, Modern Philosophers, and asked her how she was enjoying President’s Day.

And that’s the first problem right there. 499 more words


Sorry! This Was A Brain Fart

When looking into the eyes of the unpredictable, the realm in the unexplained can be unbelievable, is that unreasonable. When you put forth the hypothesis of your choice, what’s unknown is if integrity still has a voice. 101 more words

Blog Closed Today

In light of the events of it being too snowy, windy and cold outside and my bitterness for having to go outside and go sledding and have snowball fights, it has been determined that this blog will be closed today. 20 more words


A Day in Freiburg, Germany (with kids)

“Aaaaaawww, I HATE Germany!” our four year-old yelled as we sat down on the train to Germany with, presumably, many Germans within earshot. She probably meant, as she almost always does, “I… 1,182 more words


The Sarcastic Humor of God

“And Pilate also wrote a notice and he put it on the cross; it read, ‘Jesus of Nazareth: King of the Jews.”

(John 19:19)

At times, God indeed has a sarcastic and stinging sense of humor. 352 more words