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The Lottery Ticket Doesn't Tell The Whole Story

Life with sarcoidosis is not unlike purchasing a lottery ticket. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. Winning means that you have a form of the disease that is mild and remits easily within a relatively short period of time…never to return. 391 more words


“Lord, I’m On “E”…Can I Get a Refill…Fulfilled?” Blog Series Part 20

*This entry is a part of a continuous series, reading the previous entries will help you follow without missing a beat*

July 10, 2006 I entered the hospital full of faith, hope and love! 788 more words

Sanjo Jendayi

My Myopic Pathetic Little Life

Someone recently commented that my husband and my dogs are my “whole world.” I was a little taken aback to hear someone say this, to know this is how they see me, as I see my world as so much more than that. 518 more words


I Was Just Told That I Was Hit Hard

Okay, I’m being dramatic. I didn’t literally get hit, or all that hard. I was just notified by WordPress that I have over 83,000 hits to my blog. 55 more words


Is Blogging Really So 2006?

The other night I was looking on the MAC App Store for a blogging app. I read an article recommending a certain app and I could not find it in the App Store. 199 more words


Using SIRI To Remember Ideas For Blog Posts

Ever drive down the road, see something really interesting that sparks and idea for a blog post and then you get to your destination only to forget what you saw and what you were going to post about? 479 more words