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Choices and Excuses

“I don’t have time.” This was one of my all time favorite excuses for not making exercise a priority in my life. I think the real reason I stopped exercising was that I had no energy. 683 more words


Needs And Hope

As “Sarcoidosis Awareness” month draws to a close today for another year…

We need to hang on to hope.

We need to keep fighting for our lives. 59 more words


On Life and Death

Happy Friday! It’s been a week since our beloved Prince Rogers Nelson has departed from this physical realm, and I’m still sad. But I’m more happy about his life. 222 more words

The Slow Strange Slog

There are times when I actually forget that I have sarcoidosis. Times I don’t feel good exactly, but somehow comfortable in my new sarcoidosis skin. It just feels normal to me now. 374 more words


Recent article about Sarcoidosis!

  • (NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Sarcoidosis may be a new term for you, but for the more than 2…
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Sarcoidosis is...

Sarcoidosis is tricky for doctors to diagnosis…let alone understand.

Sarcoidosis is complex for researchers to comprehend.

Sarcoidosis is unique for the symptoms are wild and varied. 74 more words


A Grateful Heart

I’ve spent the better part of the month discussing the difficulties of life with sarcoidosis, a disease of unknown originĀ for which there is no cure. 557 more words