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Day Three In France

I planned to really get back into some blogging on my return from vacation but alas life got in the way. Long days at work and my in-laws were visiting for the last month and so not much time on my hands. 214 more words


New Rx Can Help With Stress And Other Ailments

I came across this infomercial for the best remedy for stress and a lot of other ailments. Please take a minute to look at it. I have used this Rx for many a year now, and I know it has helped me bounce back from being a few years away from being on a heart and lung transplant list, to being pretty normal now.



Artists often have issues getting work completed… can be so many reasons, creative blocks, issues with materials, fatigue, illness. And this is it, I’m here, the studio is down the hall, I’m tired and in pain/discomfort, it’s difficult to apply or concentrate and yes that’s the frustration.. 101 more words

Sarcoidosis Is Not A Victimless Crime

I’m a crime victim.

I’ve been robbed. Sarcoidosis has robbed me of my career, my confidence, my brain power and my physical strength. It has stolen my air and without my permission, it has attempted to take my passion for life. 116 more words


Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More

While I’m not quite as eloquent as Shakespeare, or any other Renaissance writer for that matter, today I feel the need to put some thoughts on paper, so to speak. 926 more words


My Visit To Mont St. Michel

I’m back home a couple of weeks now after a really wonderful vacation. This is the first vacation in over ten years where we were actually able to totally disconnect from everything. 281 more words