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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very happy HEALTHY and prosperous 2018 filled with love, joy and positivity.



I am a patient on House + Greys' Anatomy

First & most importantly –

All my love and thanks to my family, who know how much/little to check in on me and not ask too many/too few questions – DeeDee, Tins, Curtis, Manon, Chants, Casey… 2,241 more words

Gluten Free Cheddar Cheese And Black Truffle Bread

One of the little secrets to improving your health is joy. It doesn’t have to be huge things, but the little things in life that bring you joy. 557 more words


No Funeral For The "Dead"

Living with a chronic illness like sarcoidosis changes your life in unimaginable ways. You never think something like this will happen to you…until it does. Life inside an unreliable body forces you to live quite differently than you had once thought you would live. 1,068 more words


MR 12-18: Hypercalcemia and Granulomatous Disease

Anand presented a 61-yo male with malaise and polyuria. His labwork showed profound hypercalcemia and an elevated creatinine. He was ultimately diagnosed with sarcoidosis and had hypercalcemia secondary to granulomatous disease. 35 more words

Morning Report

#Sarcoidosis Tweets Are The Whiniest Tweets There Are On The Planet

There! I said it and I could care less if you are mad, offended, upset or whatever. You could call me uncaring or cold, mean or nasty, but the truth is I am so fed up with seeing twitter posts in general with the hashtag for sarcoidosis because all they are are just a bunch of depressing messages. 626 more words