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Prognosis...The day my world change.

Writing about my life experience with sarcoidosis has helped me overcome living with a disease. I always remember the day I read my prognosis. It was the day the world changed for me. 12 more words


Far From It...

The realities of living with sarcoidosis are not complicated. It is difficult. It has changed my life. I grieve. It saddens me and if I failed to recognize this, I would only be living in a freaky made up world of whacked out denial. 299 more words


Peeling Away

Like the layers of an onion peeling away, I cry a little.

Protection lost, skin thinned, I die a little.

Like the layers of an onion peeling away, I cry a little. 67 more words


Quite Frank-ly

The best way to watch a good series is binging on it, is it not? So with a long weekend with lots of downtime in bed (infection again) I have managed to breeze through season 2 of… 103 more words

The Inspirational

"...By The Better Angels Of Our Nature"

Sarcoidosis has taught me a valuable life lesson. It has taught me the value of the choices I make and how those choices impact my life and the lives of others. 472 more words


House of Frank

With the usual delays (not least of all my recent infection) I finally got round to firing up the House of Cards Blu-Ray collection I got just before Christmas… 236 more words

The Geeky

Temporary Zeros

My niece was lamenting on Facebook the other day about how her teacher gives her temporary zeros on future assignments. She claims to do this in order to motivate her students. 375 more words