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Goodbye To Old Habits...

My best today is not what it was before I got sarcoidosis. Things have changed. The way I once coped, the way I once tackled the world doesn’t work anymore. 405 more words


Why Do I Need To Justify My Apple Watch?

I stood at the counter of the Starbucks, waiting for my mobile order. The ordering line was long and as usual and I could feel the eyes of those in the line on me, watching that I just walked in the door, right past all of them and straight to the pick up counter to collect my order. 1,271 more words


I Am NOT A "Snarky Sarkie"

Ever since my diagnosis of sarcoidosis, I have seen others with the same disease refer to themselves as “snarky sarkies”. I certainly get the joke. Many people with sarcoidosis are in tremendous pain, can’t breath with ease and are loaded up with either steroids or chemo drugs or both. 461 more words


Causes of Stress and Its Effects on Our Health


We live in an extremely fast-paced world where we are running for success in a highly competitive environment. Since childhood till we are all old and wrinkly we keep on running in a race to come first. 1,033 more words



Yesterday as I was driving in my car, a Prince song came on the radio…Raspberry Beret. I found myself singing along only to realize that Prince won’t ever sing this song again and for a moment I was quite sad to think about it that way. 653 more words


The Devil You Know

I’ve heard people with sarcoidosis say that they would rather have cancer. I wouldn’t. I’ve never had cancer but I know people who have and, it’s a horrible frightening journey to watch. 432 more words


The Sarcoidosis Dance

Standing in my kitchen hulling strawberries and bagging them to freeze, I shuffled from leg to leg as if dancing to music only I could hear, but this was not a dance. 374 more words