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We must stop Paul Ryan's plan to end Obamacare

Please take a minute out of your day and call your State Senators and Congressman/Congresswomen to vote against Paul Ryan. We cannot go back to less than optimal care for our chronic illnesses. 8 more words

My Life With Sarcoidosis

Seek To Understand...Avoid Pity

A commonality among humanity is that we all want to be understood. People who say they don’t care are probably not being honest with themselves. Being understood validates who we are and what we experience. 588 more words


Early Onset Sarcoidosis with Pulmonary Function Abnormalities

The onset of sarcoidosis prior to the age of four years appears to be rare. Only 13 documented cases have been reported previously. The early clinical symptoms in the very young child with sarcoidosis differ from those seen in older children and adults. 574 more words

Multisystem Disease

Mental Manipulations

It would be too easy to swim in a soupy tear stained pity pot of discontent. If I let myself, I could fall prey to the constant drone of discomfort radiating from my core. 457 more words


You Don't See Me

You can’t see it but I can feel it.

You don’t notice it but the subtleties are there.

You are grateful for my smile. The mask that I wear. 94 more words


The Weekend Revisit Of “Superman Is Grounded”

Originally Posted April 17, 2012

I went into NYC for an ICD interrogation (Fancy term for reading my defibrillator), a simple procedure where the doctor downloads the information from the device and makes sure everything is okay. 601 more words


It's A Mess...

I was asked recently what it feels like to have sarcoidosis. The only word that came to mind and the one that popped out of my mouth was…”messy”. 446 more words