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Participant Testimonial

I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in my lungs approximately 3 1/2 years ago. It has been active and I have continuous treatment on steroid and methotrexate. 116 more words

Kingston University

When The Moment Passes

Yesterday was a mild, partly cloudy, lovely autumn day. It was the kind of day, you don’t take for granted right before colder weather comes. So, around  11 am with my tennis shoes on, I headed for the court with my husband. 1,026 more words


When the Extrovert Becomes The Introvert

I was never an introvert before my sarcoidosis diagnosis. I was always out there, putting myself in challenging situations, drawing strength from the people around me. 434 more words


The Room with a View

This week it was time for my annual medical check-up, so I spent it in the hospital at Universitätsklinikum Halle. Having a room on the tenth floor certainly has its advantages like having a nice view on the surroundings or seeing the rescue chopper hovering in on its approach to the landing pad. 356 more words

The Inspirational

An Ode To Air

Beautiful, unseen, oxygen, how I would love to breathe in your life giving gift.

Pain free though you should be, you play hard to get. 91 more words

What It Is Like To Live With Sarcoidosis

Study Update

Testing is well underway with a number of participants. More though are required so please get in contact. It is a fantastic way to aid the body of research around Sarcoidosis.

Kingston University

The Taken

Creeping, seeping, sneaking, tip toeing, quietly stealing your strength and vigor.

Slinking, sliding, slipping, edging, inching, silently looting your ambition.

Striping you bare of your creativity, leaving you without desire or passion. 38 more words