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Wise Words Wednesday : Aesop

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.



My Most Visited Post Ever

I am maintaining this blog now for seven years next month, and of all the posts I have put up, there is one post that gets multiple visits every single day without fail. 75 more words


Berlin Weekend Fail

As a late-comer to all that diaper stuff, some of the more exotic things to do with it are still somewhat bewildering to me, so going to a diaper-themed party still feels odd to me. 960 more words


The Weekend Revist Of: A "Thinking Out Loud Post" - Waiting

Ever wonder why we wait so long at the doctor’s office? It seems there are more people in the waiting room every time I go to my cardiologist. 79 more words


Please, Enough With The Bible Misquotes And Quotation Overuse 

I browse a lot of blogs everyday and a recurring theme, especially in health blogs, is bible quotes. I have nothing against anyone quoting the Bible, but if you are going to do it, then please put a quote that is actually referencing what you are talking about and not something completely different because you think it makes you seem smarter or more “Christian”. 410 more words


Mommy Doesn't Feel Well- Parenting While Chronically Ill 

“I’m sorry, Mommy doesn’t feel well. I can’t right now”

Being a parent is tough. Being a parent with a chronic illness sometimes feels impossible. Finding balance between caring for children and caring for yourself is like walking a tight rope above a pit of hungry alligators. 796 more words


The Weekend Revisit Of: Not So Special Anymore

When I first was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, I was just your average sarcoidosis patient. And as time went by, the hole in my heart was discovered, then they found that the sarcoidosis had become active in the heart and the heart went into failure. 397 more words