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Is There Really A Reason For Everything?

Either everything does actually happen for a reason or we find reasons why everything happens but either way, it’s important to know that the things that do happen, have much to teach us. 219 more words


The Weekend Worthy Revisit: Think You Have Problems?

Originally Posted October 19, 2011

Very seldom do I ever complain. It is something that sometimes drives my wife crazy because she knows I am not feeling well, but I’ll never say if I am feeling like crap. 554 more words


The True Nature Of Empathy

I know that everyone has their crosses to bear. No one is ever really spared hardship and I am no different. Yet I still do truly feel more blessed than crossed. 304 more words


The Reason I Know My Husband Understands My Journey

I’ve been having a tough time of late. I try to stay positive. Usually I am successful, but every now and then I crack and the fears and sorrows of living my life with this crazy disease seep out. 93 more words


Managing The Psyche

I have the occasional bad day from living with sarcoidosis. I mean really bad day, when all the emotions that I work so hard to keep organized in their little compartments come flying out and then there is an ensuing melt down. 324 more words


Knowing When To Walk Away..

Recently, the vacuum cleaner and I had a battle, not with dirt, but with each other. I was vacuuming the staircase and the attachment kept falling off. 804 more words


We Are More Than One Thing...

I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea…that we are more than one thing. We are not easily defined. We evolve and change in our thinking and understanding of the world around us all the time. 207 more words