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Vacation At Last

It was a busy couple of weeks getting work and personal stuff altogether so we could go on vacation, so I haven’t posted a thing in that time. 94 more words


No Milk today...

…or more correctly no article this week and possibly next week. If you are following my main blog, you already know that my father has passed away rather suddenly and unexpectedly from terminal liver cancer after he got his diagnosis only a few days earlier. 105 more words


Raising My Game

This weekend when my husband and I were playing tennis, he was really working my backhand…ball after ball after ball. I found myself focused, able to stay with each ball as it flew toward me and each time I responded with some pretty good shots right back at him. 325 more words



Today’s little bundle of sarcoid loveliness consists of fatigue, pain, and a general feeling of being ‘unwell’.  The fact that I had less than four hours sleep last night isn’t  helping.   9 more words


My sarcoidosis sideblog

This is the first post in my sideblog, which is completely devoted to the illness sarcoidosis, which is a rare lung disease and systemic autoimmune disorder. 51 more words


Medications Used in the Treatment of Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is a disease believed to be due to an immune reaction to airborne allergen(s). Its symptoms mostly affect the skin, eyes, lymph nodes and the lungs. 691 more words


Compilation Of Bernie Mac’s Funniest Moments

Comedian Bernie Mac would have celebrated his 59th birthday today. Sadly, his life was cut short due to his battle with sarcoidosis. To celebrate the life, we’re sharing the funniest moments.

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