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To Sleep or Not To Sleep...

I haven’t been able to sleep properly since, hmm- let me think- ever. That’s right, I have never been able to sleep like one is supposed to. 374 more words

The Irrevocable Bond Of A Guardian Angel

I was chatting with a friend today, who is not only an animal lover, she also has a serious chronic health condition. She was asking me how I am doing with my grief over losing Zoey. 840 more words

What It Is Like To Live With Sarcoidosis

Rogue One - a grim (and long) Star Wars Story

Our annual little ritual happened yesterday and so just like every year my brother and me went out to see “that big movie of the year” because it so happens the week between Christmas and New Year’s is about the only time we can actually coordinate things to fall in place. 1,015 more words

The Geeky

Toruk - the first Cirque

My relationship to the Avatar movie has always been somewhat ambiguous. I still occasionally watch the thing on DVD (no, the extended director’s cut hasn’t really salvaged this mess) as a guilty pleasure when I’m just in the mood for something really dumb, but other than that I’m probably one of the few people who’s not necessarily looking forward to another three films of same ilk. 1,105 more words

The Geeky

sarcoidosis (spreading)

Tonight I attended a John Cage concert at some chapel at Harvard University. What started out as this beautiful, meditative tone poem for piano and violin, with increasingly sustained periods of silence between each note… well I was totally into it at first. 319 more words

Yes I Can!

Yes I can…Oh yes, yes, yes I can!

These are words that I tell myself daily. This is my private little mantra. I say it when I wake up. 537 more words


To boldly go... Beyond!

Since due to my eternal health issues I’m still stuck at home a lot, I rarely ever get to go to the cinema these days. Usually I don’t mind too much, but this year I came close to disobeying my doctors’ recommendation of not staying in crowded, air-conditioned venues so as to not pick up infections (that one time around… 527 more words

The Geeky