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Sunday Art Dump

Hello Hello and welcome back to the first Art Dump of 2016. I’d love to say that since its been so long I have a bumper supply of awesome drawings but truth be told I’ve only recently started refocusing on drawing specifically Faith & Flintlock related art…that and my drawings are mediocre at best haha. 244 more words


Sunday Art Dump for the 9th of August

On time and feelin’ fine.

This week I’ve got a few Two Horn pics and a solo Sarcos to show off. Hopefully I can find sometime this coming week to dive back into Zbrush and do some more 3d scupting, but for now you’ll have to enjoy some simple sketches. 284 more words


Sarcos Concept Sculpt

As per the plan, I present to you an initial look at the Sarcos concept sculpt. I quite like the pose and would love to spend more time detailing clothes, the body and giving his head more expression, but for the time being and for an initial sculpt it is good enough and I need to move on to other areas of the game that need work. 34 more words