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Mass Effect Month: Day 19 - Best Baddie

We’re back with our month-long Mass Effect challenge! For previous days, click here.

Mass Effect Month, Day 19: Who is the best antagonist of the series? 596 more words

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The Illusive Man finally Revealed?

One of the most important and enigmatic characters in the Mass Effect series is the individual who is commonly referred to as ‘The Elusive Man’ – he serves a very similar purpose to the Cigarette Smoking Man in The Xfiles – a shadowy figure whose true history and motives bring an uncertainty to the seemingly straight-forward plotline… 259 more words

To play or not to play Mass Effect 1.VII - Spectre

Part 7 is up! We wrap up most available side-quests, then we save Tali and present her evidence to the Council; Saren is stripped of his privileges, and we are made Spectres so we can go apprehend him. 20 more words

Mass Effect 1

To play or not to play Mass Effect 1.IV - First time on the Citadel, Council Hearing

Part 4 is up! We arrive at the Citadel, marveling at its size, meet the human ambassador, then head to the Citadel Tower to attend the Council hearing on Saren.

Mass Effect 1

The 3 Types of Villains in Games

A few days ago I talked about my favorite antagonist in a video game. While my choice hasn’t changed, one aspect of Ghirahim I (purposefully) left out was that he isn’t the main villain in  1,592 more words

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Going back to where it began: Mass Effect

There has been a bag of mixed views of Mass Effect Andromeda and well that is to be expected. This is the first game in the series where the player has free control to roam around the larger universe that is Mass Effect. 568 more words


The Song of the Shepard: Canto 6 ~ Close to Home

© Bioware  ~  Introduction

~ Stanza 1 · Fruit of the Victory ~
‘I can’t believe we just left her behind.’
The gentle light of the comm-room walls… 5,528 more words

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