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The 3 Types of Villains in Games

A few days ago I talked about my favorite antagonist in a video game. While my choice hasn’t changed, one aspect of Ghirahim I (purposefully) left out was that he isn’t the main villain in  1,592 more words

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Going back to where it began: Mass Effect

There has been a bag of mixed views of Mass Effect Andromeda and well that is to be expected. This is the first game in the series where the player has free control to roam around the larger universe that is Mass Effect. 568 more words


The Song of the Shepard: Canto 6 ~ Close to Home

© Bioware  ~  Introduction

~ Stanza 1 · Fruit of the Victory ~
‘I can’t believe we just left her behind.’
The gentle light of the comm-room walls… 5,528 more words

Mass Effect

Book Review - Mass Effect: Revelation

Drew Karpyshyn’s Star Wars novels are hands down some of the best experiences I have had reading Sci-Fi. Also, those of you who know me are already aware of my absolute obsession with the Mass Effect video games developed by BioWare.   426 more words

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Mass Effect: Revisit a classic or never go back?

With the Mass Effect back catalogue recently becoming available as backwards compatible Xbox One titles, I decided, fresh from the newly premiered Mass Effect: Andromeda… 636 more words

By Andy Humphreys

The Song of the Shepard: Canto 2 ~ The Citadel

⇐ Canto 1  ~ © Bioware  ~  Introduction
~ Stanza 1 · In the Med-bay ~

I hear the engine’s whirring baritone
The prim Doctor Chakwas’ languid tones… 4,172 more words

Mass Effect

The Song of the Shepard: Canto 1 ~ The Attack Upon Eden Prime

© Bioware  –  Introduction
~ Stanza 1· The Departure of the SSV Normandy ~

Above the warmth of air we rise
Through the frosty turbulent skies… 4,615 more words

Mass Effect