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Interview: Jason O'Mara & Sam Keeley (THE SIEGE OF JADOTVILLE)

As of today, you can watch The Siege of Jadotville on Netflix. 

The film, based on a true events, tells the story of the brave Irish battalion (acting as UN Peacekeepers) who were left alone, during the Congo Crisis, while being attacked by 3000 Congolese troops (in 1961). 54 more words

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Interview: Chris Walley & Alex Murphy

The Young Offenders is a hilarious Irish film in cinemas now (you can read my review here).

I sat down with the stars of the film, Chris Walley and Alex Murphy, to talk about why they’re shocked that their movie was actually released, being recognised by Graham Norton and their IMDB page.

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Please respect MY privacy

Did you hear that Dublin Airport have a dedicated baby feeding room for breast feeding mums travelling through Terminal 2? I wish the story ended there. 459 more words

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Emmys 2016 - All the winners & the highlights

Last night Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 68th Emmy awards.

It was a record breaking night, as Game of Thrones’ 3 Emmy wins means that the show has now become the most awarded show in Emmy History. 1,221 more words

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Review: The Young Offenders

Imagine this, €440million worth of cocaine washes up on the West Cork coast. The Guards swoop in and get all the bales of cocaine bar one. 424 more words

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Review: Bridget Jones' Baby

Dear Diary,

It’s been 15 years since I have wanted to be best friends with Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger). That all happened after I saw Bridget bare her soul, big undies and life goals in… 553 more words

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Interview: Peter Foott, PJ Gallagher & Hilary Rose (THE YOUNG OFFENDERS)

Peter Foott has written and directed one of the funniest comedies you will see all year, “The Young Offenders”.

I caught up with Peter and two of the stars of the film, Hilary Rose & PJ Gallagher, to talk bad hairstyles, cheap clothes and going international – in between lots of laughs.

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