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Sarlaccs: The Nature of the Beast


As explorers have pushed out from the core worlds, they have increasingly encountered species either unknown or poorly documented within the research literature. Most often this is due to the relative isolation of the planets where the species occurs – for example, little research has been done on the wampas of Hoth because the planet is both inaccessible and hostile to researchers. 2,617 more words


Trapped in a Sarlacc of Worry

Being a Jedi with anxiety isn’t easy. I find myself to be calm most of the time, but when the Sarlacc of worry, with its tentacles grasping at my legs every step of every day, I have to admit – finding my path is tough. 282 more words


Right on the Nose

It is said of many Star Wars vehicles, but of this one it might actually be true: Jabba’s Sail Barge is one of the hardest to MOC. 319 more words


Monsters and Monomyth in a Galaxy Far Far Away

In Norse mythology, vessels in unforgiving waters were plagued by a creature with a terrible reputation. The Kraken was feared by ancient seafarers for dragging unlucky ships into the inky black depths. 1,844 more words