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Trapped in a Sarlacc of Worry

Being a Jedi with anxiety isn’t easy. I find myself to be calm most of the time, but when the Sarlacc of worry, with its┬átentacles grasping at my legs every step of every day, I have to admit – finding my path is tough. 282 more words


Right on the Nose

It is said of many Star Wars vehicles, but of this one it might actually be true: Jabba’s Sail Barge is one of the hardest to MOC. 319 more words


Monsters and Monomyth in a Galaxy Far Far Away

In Norse mythology, vessels in unforgiving waters were plagued by a creature with a terrible reputation. The Kraken was feared by ancient seafarers for dragging unlucky ships into the inky black depths. 1,844 more words


Why is Grandma Digging a Hole: 8 Reasons

My grandmother emailed me the other day that she was digging in her backyard and called the utility marking people beforehand. The man asked her a series of questions including “why are you digging?” She found this to be a personal matter and convinced the man that he didn’t need to know why she was digging. 186 more words

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