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Whose idol are they anyway?- By Abhishek Iyengar

(The article is Just an imaginary creative work!)

Thiruvalluvar idol was installed amidst all the hoopla created by the activists!

“It’s a beginning of new chapter” claimed the Karnataka Chief minister who was under tremendous pressure and constant bashing! 509 more words

General-kaala Harate

'Monuments to nothingness of identity politics'

Editorial in The Indian Express:

“Eighteen years after it was first installed, it looks like Bangalore might finally get to glimpse Tamil poet-saint Thiruvalluvar…

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Who said, 'If fools claim they were right, agree'?

Aside from being the first BJP government below the Vindhyas, there has been nothing—zero, zilch, nada; sonne, poojayam, shoonya—to write home about the… 276 more words


Wise sayings of Sarvadnya

Sarvadnya or Sarvagna a Kannada saint-poet lived in 16th century and his contribution to Kannada literature is in valuable his Shubhashitas or VachanagaLu as they’re called in Kannada are in the form of triads or three lined quotes have an indelible effect on the minds of people and also teach some valuable lessons of life. 162 more words


Statue, they said and… we lost!

Statue, they said and… we lost!

(You know this game, the children play…One says ‘Statue’ to the other and the other loses if he makes a false move!) 847 more words