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Oregairu Zoku | "Be Clear" PS Vita ED Theme (Eri Sasaki) ✔

Oregairu Zoku | “Be Clear” PS Vita ED Theme (Eri Sasaki)

My Teen Romantic Comedy
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (TV) – Anime News Network… 9 more words

Helicopter money in Japan a daily affair

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

“The BOJ already owns 3 per cent of free floating shares in the market,” says Mr Sasaki referring to stocks that are not cross-held among firms and financial institutions. 582 more words

Money Matters

Connectedness: Heartbeat Sasaki

We live together in one world, independent, yet interdependent. 

Sasaki’s project is intriguing due it portraying the essence of our lives, our heartbeats and how we live each second in an interesting pattern. 143 more words


Amakami Family. Part 3. Sake and Sukunami-kami

In the last passage of Part 2 as well as in the earlier post about Hinamatsuri, Isanagi and Isanami have miki sacred sake on their wedding day. 604 more words


My daily battle: 1,000 word goal (Day 2)

I hit some logistical nightmare during my research today. It takes forever to get the timing and transportation right. I guess I’m running into deficit again. 391 more words


My daily battle: 1,000 words goal

The word count for Sasaki this NaNoWriMo Camp is 30,000. Over 30 days of April, that means 1,000 words per day. I’ve cranked out more words in a day in blog posts so 1,000 words should mean nothing. 400 more words


Camp NaNoWriMo is here!

Put on your Viking helm, grab your pen and drink plenty of coffee!

NaNoWriMo camp is upon us!


As the title reads, I’ll be joining NaNoWriMo camp this April with… 552 more words