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Japan; Tokyo Pt 2

The Tsukiji Fish Markets were a bit of a let down for me to be honest. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, but all I got were sweaty bodies, long queues and masses of tourists. 332 more words


Trip to Downtown Durham Part 1: Best Sushi in Durham

On a rainy Tuesday evening, we both craved for something new, something not on-campus. We both realized that downtown Durham, while so close, has been a place so “far” from us. 505 more words


Sushi Kuruma Shrimp

There are so many qualities of shrimp in Japan and each chef will claim to have a special quality. Cooked al la minute, once you taste the various varieties of shrimps at sushi counters you begin to understand what I mean. 25 more words

Sushi Styles

Shin Ika

Squids are newly born after the summer and are high-priced and delicious as the waters cool down and the fish begin to get ready for the long and chilly winter. 26 more words

Sushi Styles

Uni Uni Uni

Oishii uni is beginning to develop more winter taste and the color is changing to a deep red-orange. The crispy seaweed and the nikiri binds it all together.

Sushi Styles

Bongpo Port Live Seafood Center-봉포항 활어회 센터

Usually at my school we do teacher trips in summer, but this year to my surprise I was told to pack up for a weekend in… 778 more words


Japan Kyoto

Haven’t had the time to pen down my trip to Japan this September for a wedding in the quaint town of Takamatsu. And I’m flying off to Osaka again in 2 weeks! 561 more words