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If you follow my Instagram page, (if you don’t, @Thankgoditsfryday, shameless promo) you will probably have seen endless pictures of sushi and sashimi from this gorg place. 732 more words


UNI: SEA URCHIN ROE - ‘The velvet of the ocean’

Recently we received a shipment of uni that was our best yet. I suppose you could say that we have caught ‘UNI fever’ at Fish Palace. 387 more words

Tokyo Taro at Al Falaj Hotel: restaurant review

Forty years ago when Muscat was transitioning from rocky territory to modern city, a hotel was built in the East of the city – in Ruwi – the height of modernity in the early eighties. 530 more words

Kiss of Death Roll 

That moment you see your roll coming and we tell you that we make our own thin potato crisps, get our thai chili peppers through rain, snow, or shine, and we experience it as 🍗 sushi – THAT is the feeling that we thrive on in sharing our love of sushi with you. 21 more words

Sugarfish (or, Alternatively: "The Serenity Now")

If you’re like me—and you probably aren’t, because I’m a little weird in this regard—you start to foam at the mouth each and every time some rando who once spent a weekend in L.A. 2,092 more words

New York City

A few Japanese dishes

1st: Sashimi combo with rice (scallop, salmon roe & sea urchin)
2nd: Red king crab (steaming is the simplest but best way, believe me)
3rd: Grilled scallop (palm-size meat yo) 26 more words

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Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant - Kapitolyo, Pasig

Alright, we have a long queue of food and restaurants to write about. But this one can’t wait anymore, and we’re excited to share it with you. 613 more words