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Classic Saskatoon pie

The Saskatoon berries in Southern Alberta this year have been abundant, large and juicy.  My dad has been out picking them by the bag full, so of course I needed to make them into a pie.   288 more words


Homemade Saskatoon Berry Wine Tasting Notes

Exactly one year ago, tomorrow, I started my first ever batch of Saskatoon Berry Wine. Tonight I finally got around to trying a bottle for the first time! 69 more words


Tuffy P baked a pie

Our Saskatoon berry bush just keeps on giving. Last night Tuffy P baked a Saskatoon berry – red currant pie. Delicious!



We have a Saskatoon Berry (Serviceberry) bush out in the front garden, and this year it’s loaded with fruit.

I did a first picking after supper today, and in a couple days most of the rest of them should be ripe. 57 more words

Saskatoon Berry Pie

This is the first pie that I ever made.

Starting in middle school, each summer I would go to my Grandma’s house to pick the berries off her Saskatoon berry bush (provided the birds didn’t get there first, which happened this year) and bake a big pie and some mini pies for the family.   742 more words

PAD 2017 - Day 27

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt asked for poems that incorporated the sense of taste. I decided to mix that with the Writer’s Digest prompt to use the words… 538 more words