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Blowing up a cat with fireworks vs...

A few fellas decided to get together awhile back and have a bit of fun by watching sports on tv by rebuilding a ’57 Chevy… 638 more words

almond and rosemary tarts with cherries and saskatoon berries

This is the time of year when the summer is drawing to a close and everyone starts separating again.

I’ve realized how scarily easy it is for some friendships to start to fade and erode. 790 more words


Baby Kitties and Cherries

My mother cat Marie had babies last month.  Right now they are so cute.  They love running around and playing in the straw together.  I know it won’t be long before they make it to the deck and we will hear them all hours of the day and night running after each other and racing. 136 more words


Prairie Berry

I am now in my third or fourth or whatever phase it is of my travels. back in Saskatchewan in the house I grew up on my family’s honey apiary for the next two months or so. 700 more words


Tire Tuesday takes a turn for the tasty

Tire Tuesday is tough. Actually, every day of the week is tough for us right now. The Captain is experiencing a stage where he is extremely physical and gets frustrated over things we can’t anticipate. 503 more words

Saskatoon Tarts

It’s saskatoon time here on the prairies.  A little earlier than normal what with the heat wave we’ve been having. It’s a drag to have to turn the oven on, but it’s a sacrifice we’ll make to have a taste of these yummy tarts. 182 more words

Pies And Tarts