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Damn Kids

Having kids is like objecting yourself with an 18 year strain of mono.


Its back and its bad… The return of the sass.

So guess who was the foolish little princess that thought that a tinder boy could care about you? Oh yep that was me. 631 more words


The Virtue of the INDICATOR.

**Insert Sass**

It takes a lot to make me truly angry. And by anger I mean the fist clenching, jaw grinding, eyebrow focused explosive ANGER THAT DRIVES YOU TO INSANITY… 195 more words

Wild Bunch Practice

Damas y Caballeros, Bienvenidos a manojo salvaje! Or Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Wild Bunch.

Haa Haa Haa, well today was only a practice day, gearing up for Oklahoma State Wild Bunch Championships in 2 weeks time. 136 more words



Anyone who knows how to read a dictionary can find out what the real definition of basic is, right? If you can’t, I did it for you (you’re welcome). 253 more words


Introducing My Co-Blogger!

Howdy! This is The Courier, and today I would like to introduce you to my new co-blogger who goes by the name *ahem* The Sass Master. 64 more words

Latest trip in the mobile rig

Three weeks ago I took the mobile rig minus the ranger up to Albuqurque for a couple of Doctor appointments. Trip up was ok. Got there unloaded the smart car from the trailer hit the va. 387 more words

Cowboy Action Shooting