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Vertically Align Anything

For this first week I want to give total props to Sebastian Ekström over at zerosixthree.se. He wrote an amazing blog post that has spurred me on to share this snippet even more.   277 more words

Web Development

How To Use Sass With WordPress – A Step By Step Guide by Andy Leverenz

For years CSS has been my favorite language to write while developing a website. The aspect of design or the presentation layerof a website had always hit home with me. 330 more words


Day 142: sass in the class

I love a sassy classroom. I like students who laugh, who try to talk over one another, who have side discussions about the topic, and who giggle it off when they get something wrong. 410 more words

Just Like Mommy

It has been happening often over the past few weeks. The indisputable proof that my daughter is my child. Don’t get me wrong, I know  470 more words