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How too be S A S S Y

A handbook created by myself and two amazing friends on our journey across the great Australian deserts venturing through mountains and rivers, oceans and country towns. 135 more words

Doing some Sass - Day 2

All right so I setup my little Star Wars themed landing page using basic HTML and a style sheet generated with sass. See the Day 1… 401 more words

Front End

Doing some Sass - Day 1

I’ve been enjoying learning and playing with Sass lately so I thought I’d do a quick two-part post and actually make a little something.

I’m going to setup a 4 section landing page with a form element and my goal is to incorporate basic Sass principles including variables, mixins, and inheritance. 63 more words

Front End

Queen - Poem

I love her brand of

lady, the slanted

sequined mirror.

The sassy kiss of

a drag queen

is everyone’s dream.

Her brazen farce

pulls in— 102 more words


Integrating Bootstrap with Rails 4

Today’s project was incorporating Bootstrap into my Rails application.

To start, I redid this basic Ruby on Rails tutorial on Tech Talent South’s website. To make it more personal, I decided to make a list of movies instead of a list of random members. 340 more words

That dreaded story ...

You may have heard of it, you may not have, but I will never forget the story of the girl there apparently once was with a curl in the middle of her forehead. 489 more words

Anger Management

Boys like me because I shot spitballs and because I told sassy jokes and because I let ’em kiss me if the smelled nice and I felt like it.

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