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My Favorite Makeup Tool

“Who would apply their makeup with a paint roller, Chrissey, isn’t that a little crazy?”

I rest my case.

Makeup is something that I genuinely believe is personal, it’s something that is ultimately up to the wearer’s preference. 438 more words

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New Things

So basically I have been watching a few youtube videos on makeup tutorials and recently I attempted to give it a shot and apply makeup on myself like a professional. What do you think?

Independent Women

“March to the beat of your own drummer and stubbornly refuse to fit in”-Many Hale

The Single Woman – Single is the New Fabulous!

This incredible book by Mandy Hale is every girl’s guide to confidence and inner strength.

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The Three Dupes I (Actually) Use, All The TimeĀ 

Because I promised you all dupes, and I think this cancels out my last post where I exposed you all to high-end makeup temptation?

I can’t help but laugh a little because of how incredibly bland these dupes are–but I told myself that I would only post things that I genuinely use consistently. 187 more words

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The Undupable Makeup Products (Top Three)

Please don’t reprimand me for including mobile screenshots in this blog post.

I’m sitting in the northwest suburbs, on my parents’ couch, visiting for the weekend, and the WordPress mobile app is a strange sort of thing… but I’ve been thinking and thinking about this, ever since I decided to make another Sephora investment. 724 more words

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I'm Lowkey Boring And Wear The Same Makeup Every Day

I have a typical relationship with makeup–wore too much eyeliner in middle school, didn’t really know what I was doing in high school so I didn’t really wear too much, mom who was low maintenance gave me makeup tips that sufficed. 480 more words

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My Attempts at Making A Difference (Experiences in Non-profit Work)

As a young, working lady, it’s common for people to ask me what industry I work in, and what exactly it is that I do. I think it comes to a huge surprise to people when I admit that I decided to forego from the typical college student job of an intern, retail sales associate, or server. 620 more words

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