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Are you being honest...or Honestly a Jerk?

It’s not mystery that dating can be hard…I mean in my experience I’ve come across some interesting characters in my years but I think my favorite are the guys who tell me that they are “real” or “honest”…that’s normally code for JERK… 394 more words


i mean, what better way to title this post? that is the perfect word for all that. a word for when you don’t know what to say. 57 more words


A Human's Guide to Making the Bed

Among many challenging human tasks, making the bed is definitely up there in terms of difficulty. I know – I’ve seen it done at least once every few months (yes, in case you were confused, that is a dig at you, humans!) I’m here to help you figure out how this complex task is done. 267 more words


Day 194: a serious case of senioritis

Yesterday was hilarious. I taught 3 classes at 2 different campuses, and the senioritis is, apparently, state-wide. This happens every spring to some degree; the minute it gets warm outside, everyone checks out just a little bit. 545 more words


Nobody knows sass like a poodle knows sass.

I think it’s the curls.


Oh, humans. Let’s be honest. They have no idea what’s going on about 99% of the time (the 1% of the the time that they do have a clue is when they’re feeding us). 64 more words


“The beginning of wisdom, as they say. When you're seventeen you know everything. When you're twenty-seven if you still know everything you're still seventeen.”

Lazy mornings are the best way to start the day. I read my two papers, drank a fresh cup of coffee with each paper and ate a couple of pieces of Scali bread toast. 392 more words