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Big Smiles and a Dash of Sass - The Shay's Maui Family Portrait

On a beautiful Baby Beach morning we got to meet up with the amazing Shay Family. Having made the journey across the sea from their home state of Washington, they were excited for a little sunshine and relaxation. 122 more words

Setting up Ruby on Rails

I wanted to develop the websiet on my own personal Apple mac. This meant I needed to setup Ruby on Rails on this device for the first time, this is something that would see me running complicated commands in Terminal. 334 more words


The '90s Nostalgia Project: Whitney Livetweets the Buffy S1 Finale

Once again, y’all are going to get a livetweet masterpost rather than a Canada update, because I’ve been swamped with work. Here, then, is my livetweet of “Prophecy Girl”: 1,615 more words

Jazz of the 1920s

Glittery dresses, snappy suits
Circling, giggling
Swirling Champagne, bubbliness

Slight roar of a trumpet
Swinging be-bop, jitteriness
Soulful, Earthy tempos fills up the room

Laughter, excitement… 30 more words


Useful Sass mixins


Basic transition mixin

@mixin transition($transition...) {
    -moz-transition: $transition;
    -o-transition: $transition;
    -webkit-transition: $transition;
    transition: $transition;

test html article

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor

The '90s Nostalgia Project: Whitney Livetweets Buffy, Part 1

And no, that’s not the official title for this project, just the working title.

Sorry, but y’all aren’t getting another Canada post this week; grad school continues to be an absolute circus, and pretty much the only parts of Canada I’ve actually seen this week are my apartment and campus. 1,245 more words