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First Post; The Introduction

My name is Addie.

I am a recent college graduate looking to put my thoughts into the universe. If you are looking for a deeply profound experience, or the funniest place on Earth, try Walmart at two in the morning. 129 more words

About Me

You Can't Squeeze The Charmin If You Ain't Got No Money, Baby.

Now y’all listen to this entire track right about now.

“Don’t make me send Millie Jackson up in here on you now.”


I though SASS or SCSS is simple to learn or style but Now I Don’t.

  • import new font and use it from web / folder in PC…
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Road Trip Commenced!

Yes folks it's that time of year again where some 760 shooters will mosie on in to the Ben Avery Shooting Facility for the US Nationals of Cowboy Action Shooting. 121 more words


Why I Dumped You

Roses aren’t always red, violets are actually a shade of purple not blue, and these are a bunch of reasons why I dumped you.

  1. You were intimidated by the fact that I am pretty bright.
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Snarky Opinions

I’ll Probably Pay for This Tomorrow

It figures that after an objectively interesting weekend of almost meeting a porn star (Mia Khalifa) in a movie theater and watching a lesbian romance play with chili, supernatural facial hair, and a bedsheet-draped-over-actress-wearing-upside-down-salad-bowl ghost as its major plot points, I’d choose to write about something entirely unrelated. 825 more words