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I Won't Write Your Obituary

I won’t write your obituary—

Carve your tombstone from my ribcage—

Drawn from inside myself in a desperate attempt to please you.

I won’t sing your praises— 122 more words



Upstairs, downstairs,
hiding in the kitchen,
still sits a housemate’s dirty dishes.

Upstairs, downstairs,
across the banister hangs laundry
Still from 3 weeks ago.

Upstairs, downstairs, 104 more words


Brats get Famous?

Okay, we need to talk about something. Something concerning. Brats. Little girls (and even boys) being called cute when they snap off with the sass and attitude we would ground our teenagers over. 57 more words

-Alderheart and Sparkpelt Arguing In Medicine Cat Den-

Jayfeather: Ugh! You’e so annoying! Get out of my sight!

Sparkpelt: We are.

Alderheart: In yo’ face!

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The Beauty Of Solace

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

 Featured Designers:✯ Sass Rosa Romper by MissSassySarah

Sass Rosa Sandals by MissSassySarah

(Available for Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya & 57 more words


Installing SASS on a Win7 Machine

Go to www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads/ or rubyinstaller.org/downloads/, download the latest version of Ruby and install it.

Go to your command prompt and type this command to install SASS. 73 more words