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Using node-sass with latest version of io.js

When using node-sass together with io.js, one of the problems is that it’s not updated to work with the latest version of io.js (at the time of writing, v.1.6.2). 265 more words


Jennifer Lopez Stuns in 'Feel The Light' Music Video Trailer from New Movie ‘Home'

Jennifer Lopez posted an exclusive trailer for the “Feel the Light” video on her Twitter account.

#FeelTheLight #SneakPeek #VideoComingSoon Tune in to #Idol tonight at 8/7c for something special… 😘

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Office Politics

It is funny to me that after years and year of people debating politics in the office we still haven’t learned to avoid the topic in the work place.  177 more words


Are you a BULLY?

If you say YES more than NO to these facts, then YES YOU FREAKING ARE A BULLY :((

Let’s get started:

1. You have horrible handwriting but you think that it is creative and special. 199 more words


A Note To Victims of Bullies Out There :

Hey guys! Look up! I would rather see your face than the back of your head when you walk. The ground is definitely not more interesting than this beautiful world. 210 more words


Thank You For Inviting Me and My Stupid Mouth

I’m sorry, what was that again?

No, you are right, of course, if what you’re suggesting is that I’m still not paying attention.

Oh yes, have another gulp of wine if you think it will save you, or make your reflection look six shades closer to that “in my thirties” you’ve been spreading around all evening. 447 more words