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SAT Frustration

Any tips for the reading section? I’m so mad right now. I took the SAT in December and got a 1440(790 Math and 650 in R/W), this time I got a 1430(790 Math and 640 R/W). 194 more words


I'm done

Sorry guys I need to rant. I've always lurked on this sub but never posted. I'm honestly so fucking done. This is my second time taking the SAT and I got the same score I did as the first time (1300). 101 more words


After my pre-SAT rant post...

…remember me desperately crying out for a 1550+ (check history). I GOT IT GUYS!!!!!! THANK U TO EVERYONE AND THIS SUB!!!!!!! UWORLD AND COLLEGE PANDA IS LIFE I COULDNT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT U GUYS!!!! 131 more words


Fuck this stupid test

I worked my ass off day and night for this test only to achieve a 1360, and this was my third time taking it. Now I’m perfectly fine with this score, I truly am, it’s just coming from an Indian family where your parents live up to their stereotype of being these strict dictators and lecturing you when you get home from what was already a shitty day at school really sucks. 104 more words



how is collegeboard, a multi million dollar company, so inconsistent? like some people got their scores eleven hours ago, and the rest of us are just here like "????????" 10 more words


What the fuck

I'm to distraught to rant or even complain. I'm just at a loss for words. I've always been at the top of my school. I'm good at math, I love reading and writing, and I got a 1450 on the PSAT despite not studying and taking a short nap during the math with calculator section. 180 more words


Next Steps—Teaching the SAT

Today I gave an audition lesson at the Princeton Review. It had to be non-academic, so I went with self-defense basics, and I had to use board work, so I drew a stick figure and we discussed targets. 157 more words