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It’s so rigid
It’s so locked
They want to put you in a box
A box that, if you let it, will become your coffin for life… 93 more words



There are two weeks left before I have to take the SAT. I have a million words I could be using to describe this monster, but right now there are none. 118 more words

Review: The College Panda's SAT Essay

Title: The College Panda’s SAT Essay: The Battle-Tested Guide for the New 2016 SAT Essay

by Nielson Phu

56 Pages

In 2001, I moved to Korea to work as an ESL Teacher but fell into teaching the SAT including what was then the SAT II English test. 250 more words


I was eating with one of the owners of my favorite restaurant, Subculture (excellent deli on Beach and Warner, check it out), at his restaurant, and we were talking about college. 153 more words

Yasir Khaleq


So at my school it is about time for the SAT’s in November, which I don’t have to retake them but I think it is good to retake them. 89 more words


SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test Dates for 2016-17

The SAT is offered in October, November, December, January, March, May, and June. The SAT Subject Tests are offered in October, November, December, January, May and June. 299 more words


PSA-whaT? And a whole lot of other Acronyms

Is that time of year- standardized test time.

Aka: the worst aspect of the American Education system. Where you basically just trust that your school has taught you everything you need to know for a test that determines your future. 280 more words