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Revoluţia tălpilor desculţe

Trebuie sa fac o revoluţie în satul în care m-am născut, să-i uit numele şi apoi să-l dezvolt citindu-mi membrele. Nu voi şti altfel că alunec în graiul lui, pe uliţa pe care am cunoscut clipa. 268 more words


3 Study Tips for History, Science Material on the New SAT

Practice recognizing the content links between different questions and providing evidence to support your claims.

The 2016 SAT will debut an entirely new design. The exam will emphasize the use of context when answering questions, as well as the analysis of passages from significant historical documents and scientific sources. 574 more words


Critical reading for international students (aka. How to survive critical reading on SAT , If English is not your native language . )

So you are taking SAT, and you simply can’t make it to the +650 ,right?  I’ve been there. A lot of people have. Thousands and thousands of students all around the world are taking SAT , as a chance to study in USA, they have everything : A good mathematical background, a good reasoning sense, a lot of years studying english , but for some reason their Critical reading sucks. 674 more words


Charles Murray: Why the SAT Isn’t a ‘Student Affluence Test’

Wall Street Journal: A lot of the apparent income effect on standardized tests is owed to parental IQ—a fact that needs addressing.

Spring is here, which means it’s time for elite colleges to send out acceptance letters. 90 more words


3 True Answers About Common ACT, SAT Strategies

Get the facts about some popular test-taking strategies.

It can seem like there are endless misconceptions about the ACT and the SAT. Even a brief perusal of test prep resources can inundate the reader with contradictory information. 529 more words


Juniors, Last Chance to Take the SAT or ACT!

Juniors these are the last months to take your SAT or ACT test in the Spring.

SAT has two more test dates on May 2nd and June 6th. 92 more words