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How to Answer NCLEX SATA Questions

The NCLEX exam itself is generally fearsome, not to mention the select all that applies (SATA) type of question. SATA is the most feared alternate format question, and this is something that every examinee would agree. 720 more words


Learning from King Cobra: Sata, Hichilema and the politics of electoral defeat

By E. Munshya, LLM, MBA, MDIV.

There is no better way to win an election than to win an election. For those who win elections, they win elections by winning elections. 975 more words

Zambian Politics

Tech Terms: SATA

Stands for “Serial Advanced Technology Attachment,” or “Serial ATA.” It is an interface used to connect ATA hard drives to a computer’s motherboard. SATA transfer rates start at 150MBps, which is significantly faster than even the fastest 100MBps ATA/100 drives. 174 more words

ZEROFAIL Southeast

Flash As Memory Instead of Storage

Diablo Technologies Memory1 Briefing Note

Flash is typically thought of as a fast alternative to storage, the ultimate hard drive upgrade. But it is memory, so there is no reason IT can’t use it as an alternative to DRAM. 418 more words


Flying the SATA Air Açores A310

The main reason for our short visit to the beautiful Azores was to fly with a SATA Air Açores´ respectively Azores Airlines´ Airbus A310. Three of them are still active and are used for transatlantic flights from Lisbon to Boston or Toronto. 504 more words


Resurrecting a 466MHz PMG4 DA

The last time I mentioned this machine was February of 2015 – well over a year ago and figured I should bring it back to life! 623 more words


Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Live Action

Have you watched Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (オオカミ少女と黒王子)? It’s a comedy romance anime that has finished airing on December 21 2014 with total of 12 episodes. 455 more words