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Briefing Note: OCZ’s new Enterprise-class SSDs deliver on advantages of NVMe

SSDs are about to get a lot faster, thanks to NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) the new industry standard interface for solid-state storage products. It was developed to replace SAS/SATA and fully exploit the advantages of non-volatile memory technologies like NAND flash. 686 more words


SAN for Homelab - Part 3


In the first two part 1 and part 2 of this series I covered the ground of what I wanted to use a SAN for in my environments and what I actually needed. 1,866 more words

Nuevo SSD NVMe de Samsung de 2 gigabytes por segundo

Nuevo SSD NVMe de Samsung de 2 gigabytes por segundo. NVMe o NVM Express es la especificación de acceso a unidades SSD por el bus PCI Express para transportar la información a la placa base con un rendimiento más potente que los SSD de Intel o de HyperX pero con la misma tecnología. 185 more words


Briefing Note: FlashSoft Server-side Caching expands Platform Support and adds Hardware Bundles

Server-side caching solutions are supposed to be simple – install it and forget it and everything runs faster. But this simplicity depends on platform compatibility, which can be a problem for many companies that have multiple versions of the major operating environments, as well as legacy distributions that are still in production. 631 more words

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