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Jesus Tied Him Up and Stole His Stuff

What Jesus accomplished in His Incarnation, Life, Death on the Cross, Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven, is so profound, so mysterious and so multi-faceted, that the biblical authors struggle to find words to describe it. 647 more words

Binding The Strong Man

Black Metal Friday: “Summoning Lupine” By Leviathan

Leviathan is a one-man black metal project from Oakland, CA. The man behind the band is Wrest (real name Jef Whitehead). Whitehead was a teenage troublemaker who became an international…

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Heavy Metal


HAPPY MONDAY!!! A few weeks ago I bothered you to send over some trivia questions to see if you could stump Mister Pubes and I and – well – here you go! 63 more words


The End Times at NTNU

First thing: yes, I finally have a bed, but much more importantly, World War III broke out on the NTNU campus today.

There has been some issue about my official status here doing independent research as a visiting PhD. 295 more words

The Religious Studies

don't be afraid, just get naked. | a call to confession and vulnerability.

Have you ever been afraid to tell someone something?
Ever had something you were – or maybe you still are – ashamed of admitting?
I was chatting with a sister in Christ earlier today and we just were talking back and forth about our own sins and temptations and I was mulling over the idea of how difficult it is sometimes to just share where we ARE. 883 more words



Hi everyone! In case you missed the announcement over the holidays while you were drinking egg nog and falling asleep in front of the fire, Or, if you live on the other side of the world, in case you missed it because you were sipping Manhattans and falling asleep by the pool, I’m now accepting submissions for SHITFEST 2015. 315 more words



I am sure everyone that looks out here looks at Luke’s site – so you are all familiar with his drunken attempts at movie trivia at the hands of his brother. 186 more words

No Boobs