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Russia's unstoppable new 'Satan 2' stealth nuke

Moscow meda claims terrifying weapon can dodge radar defences and bring destruction to an area the size of ‘Texas or France’

Source: You should be very afraid of Russia’s unstoppable new ‘Satan 2’ stealth nuke

End Times


Some things need no explanation.

“And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
You cunt, I AM a queer
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.
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Omni-this, Omni-that: This is that important

I was reading Beth Moore’s The Beloved Disciple, and came across this sentence, “Satan is not omnipotent.”

I put the book down to think through God’s omnis and Satan’s lack of omnis. 71 more words


Master of Puppets

This is your 4th amendment being waived.

The People of the State of California, to any peace officer in the County of San Diego:

Proof, by affidavit, having been made this day before me , a peace officer employed by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, that there is substantial probable cause pursuant to Penal Code section 1524 for the issuance of the search warrant, as set forth in the affidavit attached hereto and made part hereof as fully set forth herein, you are, therefore, commanded to make search at anytime of the day, good cause being shown therefore;

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Prayer Points Against Suicidal Thoughts

Prayer Points Against Suicidal Thoughts

Psalm 118:17
I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD!

“Dear Heavenly Father! Please Forgive Me Of The Sins I Committed That Opened The Doors For These Suicidal Thoughts To Come In. 939 more words

Jesus Christ

Communing With The Stranger

Through the darkness of future past. The magican longs to see. One chance out between two worlds: Fire walk with me -Twin Peaks 1991

The conscious mind is a fucked up enough thing to get a handle on. 674 more words