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Questions and answers with Senior Pastor Lance Davis

Question – My son has down syndrome. How can you call him evil?

Me – Easy. The Bible backs me up. God wants all of us to be in His image. 260 more words


Beefing up security due to death threats

(Just a few of our brave men keeping watch as the death threats keep coming in)

The past few days have seen numerous threats toward me and Morning View Christian Church. 137 more words


Hate mail from God haters

After exposing the fact that retardation is nothing more than demonic possession, I have received countless emails from God haters. Most of these are from atheists, sodomites and the parents of retards (Satanic beings). 559 more words



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The Greek preposition “anti” has a dual connotation: 401 more words


Twenty Tactical Defenses against the Shaitaan, by Imam Luqman Ahmad

Shaitaan is a different kind of enemy than a human enemy. With a human adversary, one can bargain, show kindness in order to soften the heart, fight him and either kill him, over-power him, or take him as a prisoner. 3,827 more words


A Crazy Man takes on the System

Mark 3: 20-35


Imagine for a moment, the frenzy that surrounded Jesus ministry. He is a rock star. Mark tells us:


Then he went home, and the crowd came together again, so that they could not even eat… 1,336 more words


Satan's Great Plan

“Well?” Satan asked. “What is this great idea you have?”

“Sir, I have been contemplating once again how we can destroy more of our enemy’s people.” the demon replied. 1,112 more words

Dealing With Sin