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As ever, Ches gets it right, as does Fr Hunwicke.

We must call out the actions of the swinish* terrorists in France for the cowardly, unmanly and wicked barbarities that they are. 89 more words

Pro Life

Marching in step and waving flags

An outright theft from Ches: his translation of an extract from Bernanos Les Grands Cimetières sous la lune

Down there in Majorca I saw passing by on la Rambla lorries full of men.

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Church History

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo’s Response to the Eucharistic Incident

From CNA

I would like to begin by once again sending my condolences to the Johnson family on the death of Mrs. Loetta Johnson.

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Living Catholic Lives

I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning…

The Thirsty Gargoyle has a rather excellent article about poor old Prof Dawkins’ faux-pas on the BBC on Monday morning.

“Careful with that petard old chap…” 227 more words


Fr. Faber on Purgatory


NB: You can always view more pamphlets on a broad range of Catholic topics by clicking here (after which click on the cover)

Spiritual Life

No-one knows the day or the hour...

A couple of decades after the death and resurrection of Jesus, St Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonia to pull them up on a matter of false doctrine. 712 more words

Living Catholic Lives