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Angel Correspondence

I’ve been sent to guard the entrance of the garden.

I really don’t understand these humans God made. God formed the man with his own hands and then breathed His life into him. 789 more words


War in Heaven, Part 7a: Satan Fights Back...The Beast out of the Sea - Pastor David

We have seen and considered so far the result of the “War in Heaven” as it concerns Israel. (Revelation 12:13-17). Now we have to consider its further effect as it concerns the Earth at large. 996 more words


March 3rd

you are with me
i am in charge
of her
you are my beta
this is revenge
on her
this is all we have planned… 2,095 more words



You don’t know what I’m capable of.

Flesh and blood betrayed
A story of misconstrued love

You will soon taste
The salt in your lungs… 75 more words


New Free Book!

My book is now free on Smashwords!   It can be downloaded in multiple formats, including Kindle and pdf. If you like the werewolf mafia and grumpy angels, give it a peek.


Our Great Accuser ~

When your past starts to haunt,
bringing to the surface . . .
the things you’ve done wrong
know Satan, has his purpose.

For, he loves to taunt you, 143 more words

Christian Poetry


Morning Thought: You can overcome the desires of the sinful nature through the power of the Holy Spirit. The prince of the air (our archenemy) sows unnatural thoughts in people’s hearts; he even tries to convince us that they are natural. 94 more words

Morning Thought