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DEMONISM (part five)





(…continued from part four)

I see no reason why we should not be trenchant in dealing with issues of eternal consequences. The thing we should be asking ourselves is whether Jesus is the One giving the misleading information or the Qur’an. 804 more words

1 Corinthians 16:13 Vigilance

“Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.”

1 Corinthians 16:13

A Christian is always in danger and therefore should always be on the watch. 301 more words



By Anton Long, Order of Nine Angles (England)

I shall be honest - Satanism has been hijacked.  By posers, by
pseudo-intellectuals and by gutless weaklings who like the glamour
and danger associated with it in the public mind but who do not 
have the guts to be evil - to do dark deeds. 517 more words

Does God Love Satan? (1 of 2)

Q. Does God love Satan? Some say He does because God is Love and loves everyone. Others say God is just so He cannot love Satan who is evil? 612 more words



Aramaic Targum, pseudo – Jonathan:

“And Adam knew his wife Eve, who was pregnant by Sammael (Satan), and she conceived and bare Cain, and he was like the heavenly beings, and not like the earthly beings, and she said, I have gotten a man from the angel of the Almighty.”

1,154 more words

7 Ways the Enemy Wants to Poison Your Singleness

In The Screwtape Letters, as he narrates a fictional demon teaching a protege to draw humans away from God, C.S. Lewis takes a fascinating turn in his view of love: 1,323 more words



能夠把書倒轉來背的人,我們讚他「倒背如流」;可以把武功倒過來練,而又死不去的,方為真高手。把事物行進的次序逆向呈現,但仍然make sense,其實是一種罕見的才能。 128 more words