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Righteousness, a study

Be prepared.

That theme came to me twice in two days this week.

I led a men’s Bible study on the breastplate of righteousness. Why wear a breastplate? 1,023 more words

Voice From Heaven Serves as Witch's Wake-Up Call

Merari escaped an abuse-filled past when she turned to witchcraft for control. But then a monster appears in her yard one night, and she realizes she was the one being controlled all along.


January 21, 2018

The Satan of Scripture is a very different being from the mythical devil of Christendom. – Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918)


Schumer's Shutdown Scheme

The Communists (Demoncrats) have always been covered by the MSM in their efforts to Destroy America, but they tide has turned and people are beginning to realize just how deeply the Demoncrat serpent has had its fangs sunk into the American Dream. 93 more words

The Battle is On!

Would you be surprised to learn that the world’s most successful pornographer isn’t Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt?  The chief pornographer is Satan.  Actually, he’s behind the whole industry. 24 more words


(Religious Poem) Respect The Devil


Respect the Devil if you have even half of a brain

He was once an Arc Angel now destined to flame

Satan witnessed the beginning of all the Universes… 151 more words


Beware of the Maze

Social media is like a maze. Before you go in, you think about what you’re looking for.  You want to see how your far-away family members are doing, who’s having a birthday today, and what time you’re meeting friends for coffee next week.  711 more words