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Demolishing Antichrist Strongholds

“This week we pray that God will demolish Antichrist strongholds We are surrounded by systems and strongholds that oppose Christ the Lord and King. There are social, political, economic, and legal structures and schemes that try to disparage God. 305 more words

News Flash: Lying is Bad!

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.

One the one hand, I love having news feeds from my favorite sports teams, seeing funny memes from my military veteran pages, seeing all the animal videos, and keeping up with my friends and family. 496 more words

The Armor of God - Why Do We Need Armor?

The “armor of God” is one of the great images of scripture. But before we discuss the individual armor pieces, lets talk about why we need armor at all. 22 more words


Intimacy: Satan's Weapon Of Choice- Repost

It’s not sinning that keeps us away from Christ, it’s what we give up or don’t give up to be with Christ. One of the strongest desires in a person is the feeling and want to have intimacy. 412 more words

Motivated And Free

A Comfortable Gospel?

Reading:                                     Psalm 78

(Verses 40-49)
How often they rebelled against him in the wilderness
and grieved him in the wasteland!
Again and again they put God to the test;
444 more words