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The Thessaliad

Fetch shares of being surprised humans survive as long as we do what with how much danger we ignore, like a butcher whom is actually a monster. 1,271 more words

Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Address Unknown

The song return to sender sung by Elvis Presley years ago and written by Otis Blackwell & Winfield Scott contains an important lesson I wish to share. 650 more words



Has had me running into walls.

Tapescrew on Worship (with apologies to C.S. Lewis)

Volume 15, No. 5 (May 2020)

C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters consist of an imagined correspondence between a senior, experienced demon Screwtape and his young nephew Wormwood. 589 more words


Stay Elite

Frankly I am astonished that anybody is astonished to discover that there might be an elite class who set rules for the rest of us to follow but which they themselves are allowed to bend, break and even bugger up the arse if they so choose. 430 more words