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Verse By Verse Through Revelation (12:6-10)

6 The woman fled into the wilderness, where she had a place prepared by God, to be fed there for 1,260 days.

In verses 1-5… 777 more words


Cheese snacks

­­Image a stormy autumn day, it’s 6 PM, you’re watching the news while suddenly, you feel hungry, you go check out your fridge but the only thing you find is, a pickle, a jar of mayonnaise and two cans of coke. 272 more words

8.16.17 Summer Sermon Series: The Devil and You Part IV

I want to end this section by briefly talking about condemnation vs. conviction. We can seek God’s cross as an antidote to the first and as a resolution to the second. 356 more words

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8.15.17 Summer Sermon Series: The Devil and You Part III

I ended last time saying I would be more concerned with whether I am renewing my mind through spending time in God’s word over whether the devil could read my mind. 553 more words

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8.14.17 Summer Sermon Series: The Devil and You Part II

As we said, Satan is a created being. But what exactly is he? Man? Superman? In 2 Peter 2 (and if we take Ezekiel 28 as referring to Satan) we learn that he is an angel—a fallen angel. 513 more words

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8.5.17 Summer Sermon Series: The Devil and You Part I

There are two related questions that both deal, in some aspect, with the character of Satan. One, can Satan read your mind? In other words, does he have an unfair advantage in offering up the right temptation at the right time? 363 more words

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Attacked with a Vengeance...

It is becoming clear to me that the Lord doesn’t always speak to me in clear and concise ways.  He doesn’t always lay topics or profound thought or ideas on my heart to share with others.  2,251 more words