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Poem: "Blue City Drip"

Where to go to find a fix, a face, a fountain, and fate?
Where to go be early and late
In the same experience which cowards berate? 956 more words

Hearing Voices: Hearing God? 😱


So……..this is the kind of stuff that really complicates my faith in Christianity. Not so much in God ….. But Christianity.

I am baffled. A a voice hearer. 235 more words

What Happens At the Midpoint of the Tribulation? 10 Events

There is so much that will happen at the midpoint of the Tribulation, all of which will follow after God removes the Antichrist’s restraints and he breaks the 7-year covenant. 512 more words

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Are You Rapture Ready?

The Day is fast approaching and those who await it know how close it is, and are those who would never deny its certainty – of it coming in this generation.Β  892 more words


Satan's Remonstrance

The great and mighty one, the bringer of dawn and the morning star, the one
with the most noble mein and of great strength of arms, I address thee! 773 more words