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Do politics and following Jesus go together?

Many Christians are afraid to let politics and their faith mix. We certainly know that many highly political people, especially those on the left, say that church and state should be completely separate. 2,435 more words


WW III - Election 2020

Back in the 1970’s, when I was on active duty, we called it the “Cold War.” Our ship chased Soviet submarines around the Atlantic. There was no exchange or aggressive moves, just a game of Cat and Mouse. 528 more words


3 Areas Christian Parents Need to Know About

There are 3 particular areas that are very popular in public schools right now that Christian parents need to be aware of: Mindfulness – Many mystic practices are being introduced to students through mindfulness.

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Satan is Subtle and Modest

Many of Satan’s suggestions would sound egregious to the Christian who is consciously seeking to obey God’s will. So he comes subtly. Never asking for too much at one time. 331 more words


talk normal

Last night I re-watched the 1981 horror film, Evilspeak. It’s a piece of crap but I loved it. I first saw it when I was about 10 yrs old and it was on late at night. 258 more words



Demons, fallen angels … that
Great dragon was hurled down
That ancient serpent called the devil
Still is lurking ‘round.

He seeks to lead the world astray… 69 more words