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Evildoers catch/ seize/ snatch/ ravish. God is more powerful than Satan.

Evildoers lurk to snatch the poor, seizing and ravishing the people they target. Wolves hunt to catch sheep. Let me show you some words and passages from the Bible which say this. 1,442 more words


Episode [ the cure ]

[ time set at T ]

As Aarowan declared the entire ordeal as a game.

Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! Bang!!!! Bang!!!!!

Five sets of bullets been fired from his gun and each pierced through a piece of different furniture killing a total of ten creatures from before. 915 more words


Staan op God se Woord (6)

‘Ons liggame wat in die grond geplant word, is maar heel gewoon, maar hulle sal in glansende heerlikheid opgewek word. Hulle is maar baie broos wanneer hulle geplant word, maar hulle sal vol krag wees wanneer hulle opgewek word’

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Have u ever wondered where religion, women’s oppression, men n women’s difficulties to cooperate derives from?

Universe today is Divided – Unbalanced in Energy n Frequenzy. 1,057 more words


Episode [ visitors from another reality ]

[ time set at T ]

Suddenly the sound of a gunshot could be heard, following which a creature falls from the second floor of the building. 885 more words


Revelation of Dan: Wormwood Part 2

And Moses threw down his rod to the Earth, and it became a SNAKE!

In this post we will see how the serpent staff of Moses prophetically represents the Tribe of Dan and also fits into Revelation 8 and 9. 2,073 more words

The Watering Tree

Revelation of Dan: Wormwood Part 1

***If you are new to the Watering Tree or are unfamiliar with our previous posts then we recommend viewing/reviewing the material in the “ 1,651 more words

The Watering Tree