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by Joshua Arnold

Satan wishes to keep the children of God in a sad, and perplexed state, because he hates Christians, and cannot devour their faith, nor pluck them out of the hand of God. 311 more words


“Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel.” ~The crowds about Jesus casting out a demon

When we are delivered from demonic possession, we become whole and are healed. The stunning power of Jesus makes it happen. Jesus came to set the prisoners free. 379 more words

God Thoughts

Biblical Theology on The Devil

The Biblical view of this world portrays a fundamental conflict between “light” and “darkness”, between “good” and “evil”, between “God” and “Satan”.  This conflict is essential to the Biblical narrative, which portrays God as all-good and Satan as entirely evil. 2,278 more words

The Judgment Of God

On Writing: The Sky is Blue

I have found people praising certain literary ideas which, to my mind, fail, and not to call out any one ideology, but these ideas are often feminist. 625 more words

Captian's Log

Sermon: Dealing with the Abrahamic Pantheon

The following is an article I wrote a few years ago, and which I placed in my “To Be Fixed Up” pile while I was on hiatus in 2017. 105 more words


Hello, Satan, Part 3


Imagine that you wake up, under water.

You rise slowly from the depths of the ocean and break through the plane of the surface of the sea and take your first breath. 991 more words

Oscar Giner