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GOD, Satan and the rest of us.

You know what, I am probably going to get blasted in this blog but i have had enough of the world. I am sick of people romanticizing evil. 754 more words

Just coz you read it on the net does not mean it's true

According to recent research carried out by the reputable Howitz International Group—which is a think-tank organization that researches on different aspects of African affairs based in South Africa and Kenya, 86% of all Africans will contract typhoid before the age of 40. 988 more words

Reclusive Picks: The Satanic Bible

Despite the ominous sounding name and all subsequent reactions from many ignorant and judgmental people, the Satanic Bible is a beautiful and powerful book. Written by… 697 more words


My Thoughts on Satanism

Well, people will probably think that I reach into my past too much, for publicity. Nah, I’m not that important. So, what do I think of the Satanic movement now? 357 more words


Penny Dreadful: The Nightcomers

*Spoilers may follow*

“What is wrong?” Ethan asks of Vanessa after spotting the blood left on the floor from Verbis Diablo

As Vanessa begins to tell her story to him we are brought back to the time in which Mina had gone missing. 824 more words


Satanism: The misunderstood (Part one)

Let’s talk Satanism. Anton Szandor LaVey wrote the Satanic Bible and I took it upon myself to give it a read. I mean, satanists get a lot of ‘stick’ don’t they? 1,501 more words