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Couple Convicted of Satanic Child Abuse Freed From Prison and Declared Innocent

You may recall the hysteria in the 80’s and early 90’s when an organized network of daycares were alleged to be involved in satanic ritual child abuse of youngsters in their care, the most infamous being the McMartin preschool case. 394 more words

Criminal Law

The Seven Faces Of Eve

Saturday at the Movies brought up or dug down into an interesting area.

‘The Woman With Seven Personalities.’

Helen is a lady who experiences seven multiple personalities in her psyche. 70 more words


Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' Music Video: All About MK Ultra

According to the mainstream media, ““Wide Awake” is a song inspired by Katy’s divorce from Russell Brand, in which she reveals that now that it’s over she sees everything clearly (genius.com). 1,120 more words


The world is run by satanists. Ronald Bernard tells his story..

Have you ever wondered why governments around the world allow the destruction and pollution of the planet despite the protests and the scientific evidence that points to the dire state of the earth’s health? 119 more words

Whistleblower Ex C. I. A. Operative Laurel Aston

She Exposes MK Ultra, Satanic Hives and Child Trafficking Rings, being a victim herself of these forces.

Interviewed by Zakaos

Laurel: “…large numbers of people who do cross over from Mexico into the states are ‘disappeared’, as they cross the border to work, and they are just never seen or heard from again, or they go into these programs. 2,028 more words