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WHATEVER THE MOTIVATIONS of ‘James Browne’ may have been, the message conveyed by his actions was that a campaign was now being conducted against Gwynedd Social Services. 1,618 more words


SRA and The MindWar Psyop

Kevin Annett once performed an ‘Exorcism’ outside the Vatican and claimed he caused lightning to strike the Vatican dome and tornado’s to roar about Italy.  When Annett published these Urgent Action Press Releases he made it seem as if the… 3,131 more words

Con Artist

Satanic comment on Hampstead ritual abuse hoax


This is a long post about Hampstead SRA and our proposed response to future hoaxes. 

Satanicviews has been closely following a Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax for most of 2015 in the Hampstead area of London in the UK, becoming vocal against the witchfinders, those promoting and encouraging the hoax, in the last few months.  1,964 more words


Mum ‘who tortured kids’ to invent Hampstead Satanic abuse fantasy loses appeal with statement from Reverend.Dr.Robert Fraize.

A fugitive mother accused by a High Court judge of torturing her own children and forcing them to invent allegations of a Satanic child abuse ring operating in Hampstead, has failed to have the ruling overturned. 408 more words

Robert Fraize