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Satanic Ritual Abuse In Mid Wales - 2011.

Satanic sex cult face years in jail after being found guilty of catalogue of sexual offences


Colin BatleyColin Batley

An “evil” paedophile and three women are facing years in jail today for establishing a satanic sex cult to abuse children and young adults in a quiet Welsh town. 3,210 more words


Another Tale Of Child Abuse In #Hampstead ?

British author, Chris Everard, has exposed yet another Hampstead school which concealed an active Pedo-ring since the 1970s – this ring of bastards not only bedded young boys, but bussed them up and down Britain where they worked like unpaid slaves delivering leaflets which were promoting LORD JANNER – he invited the Pedo teachers to bring boys to Parliament – Janner’s own son was educated at the UCS in Hampstead, whose nursery school is called ‘The Phoenix’ and is a school which has a ‘Statutory Ban on all Religion’. 1,394 more words


Hampstead Research and the truth movement seem to be hate groups disguised as Activists

Hampstead Research and the truth movement seem to be hate groups disguised as Activists
Reverend.Dr.Robert Fraize

I am not going to mention any names in this article because multiple agency’s  are investigating all involved including the bloggers for various crimes including but not limited to  hate speech,child pornography,slander,defamation,and Terrorism. 549 more words


Truthers link Satanism to child abuse

Despite efforts by some Satanists such as Fraize to teach “truthers” behind the latest ritual child abuse panic in the UK about Satanism, their principle spokespeople have today… 379 more words


Radio 4 on Satanic Ritual Abuse

Thanks to Jo D Baker for pointing out this excellent two-part Radio 4 series on so-called satanic ritual abuse. Presenter David Aaronovitch describes how various professionals have made lurid claims about supposed rings of Satanists abusing and murdering children. 253 more words