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Bi-Annual Human Sacrifice by Illuminati Council of 13 - Denver, CO

Pizzagate is not limited to Democrats or the DNC. It moves way into the recesses of the elite power structures of the whole world and has gone on way before it happened to get leaked by controlled opposition MK Ultra mind-controlled slave, Jason Assange. 288 more words

Satanic Ritual Abuse

The Archon That Lives in Hampstead

This is the Archon that lives in Hampstead. What is an Archon? It is a demon – a form of negative angel that dark magicians have called in over the ages for help. 392 more words


Portraits: Cathy O'brien: MK Ultra Monarch Slave

Cathy O’brien, Oil on Paperbag, 16″ x 18″ … I decided to make her her age – she will be 59 on December 7.

Cathy O’brien, age 59, “ 179 more words


Winter Solstice, 12/22/16 - Denver, CO

There will likely be another human baby sacrifice on the Winter Solstice in the basement of the Navarre across the street from the Brown Palace hotel in Denver, CO – performed by the… 231 more words