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Redesigning the Calendar (Dates and Ritual Symbols)

I have a zillion things to do this week and this post was half-finished. I had planned to post it in the middle of the week, as an extra, but decided to take the easy way out and use it for the 3/30 post. 478 more words

Healing From Ritual Abuse

Creating a new Satanic narrative

A melancholic personal moment

The first day after the Spring Equinox marked a melancholic personal moment today.  The information war I fight with the Hampstead Satan Hunter is relentless and unending, a feeling of a war of attrition akin to that many must have felt a hundred years ago today in the First World War Battle of Verdun.  824 more words


The six cardinal sins of Sabine McNeill

There are six qualities that mark the excellent Satanist, such qualities compared against any individual might form the measure of the quality of that individual.  These six qualities are: wisdom; knowledge; reason; justice; authenticity; integrity.  1,237 more words



ALEXANDER BACKMAN interviews DR. PRESTON T BAILEY PhD for the 1st time ever! English Only Version.

Get his must-read book Spiritual Warfare, Defeating the Forces of Darkness… 20 more words


Powers of darkness, powers of night,
Darken our shields against the light.

Satanist, be scared.

Introduction – bees only sting when provoked.

Satanists are like bees, they sting only when provoked.  The Satan Hunter claim Satanists rule government and are involved in terrible crimes, yet the Satan Hunter is never afraid of being killed by this alleged Satanic elite.  1,905 more words


Hampstead Satanic hoax and a question of truth

The Hampstead Satanic hoax raises the question of what is truth, how an individual can separate truth from fiction.

Empirical Method

The empirical approach to truth is the primary method of truth, which is to say if I have direct experience of a thing then I have wisdom of it, and if I have direct sensory input of a thing I have knowledge of it.  1,083 more words