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Review of "Regression"

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Set in the 1980’s, this dingy crime drama explores the hysteria around Satanic ritual abuse after a girl, Angela Gray, played by Emma “Hermione” Watson, comes forward with allegations of rape against her father. 134 more words


A Satanic definition of love


The Satanist loves life.  How do I as a Satanist define the word love?

The Satan Hunter and love

The Satan Hunter uses the word love in two ways.  1,036 more words


Me and my best friend. *EXTREME TW*

I know I don’t have true hypomania, because I can feel it slipping through my fingertips as I type. Clinical hypomania is defined as elevated mood which lasts at least four days I think from memory. 793 more words

Torture, my feelings about abusers, and what not to say to the abused. *TW

Today I’m going to attempt to plough into something I’m greatly apprehensive about. My writing is, as per the blurb on the blog, designed to be an exercise in healing from my history of childhood satanic ritual abuse. 1,028 more words

Dear God, I hope you got the letter. *TW.

The inspiration for this post has come from the song I’m listening to on full volume as I metaphorically speak and type. I’ve played this song over and over on repeat today as it encapsulates all about where I’m at emotionally at this precise moment in time. 1,069 more words

Sat at my typewriter I bleed *TW

The blog title came to me inspired by the much quoted quote by  writer, Ernest Hemingway. “There is nothing to writing. All you have to do is sit at your typewriter and bleed”. 1,298 more words

Redesigning the Calendar (Dates and Ritual Symbols)

I have a zillion things to do this week and this post was half-finished. I had planned to post it in the middle of the week, as an extra, but decided to take the easy way out and use it for the 3/30 post. 478 more words

Healing From Ritual Abuse