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Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria hits Britain

New allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse have exploded recently onto the internet as the conspiracy theorists and Christian evangelists use two children as pawns to associate Satanists with the ritual abuse of children. 344 more words


The Bantam Menace

Another week, another trip to London, this time for the BASR committee meeting, and a raw food lunch at Camden’s Spiral Café. While I was there, I managed to squeeze in an interview for the… 232 more words



only what i need to know

notes on surviving ritual abuse

part four


“a test proving ‘family loyalty’ forced the dark blue alter to choose between letting my little brother get hurt and letting our pet rabbit suffer and die. 1,872 more words

Ritual Abuse

The Harm of the Myth of the Burning Times

One of the first thing many people learn when they become a pagan – assuming they enter through the route of Western neo-paganism – is about the “Burning Times” when millions of witches were burned at the stake. 910 more words


"for all the other Mirandas"

“for all the other Mirandas”

only what i need to know

as i continue to work toward speaking about and describing my own experiences as a ritual abuse survivor – new memories have been surfacing recently, and i have been working hard to heal the trauma associated with them- you might have noticed that i’ve been including a number of quotes from other survivors. 1,872 more words

Ritual Abuse

Systematic destruction of Innocence will no longer be tolerated!

What kind of world do we live in? We see politicians encouraging torture, murder and abuse, we see churches openly admitting that they have paedophiles amongst them, but what most of us think we know doesn’t even skim the surface of the evil we are surrounded by. 2,268 more words

Update on Children Whistleblowers, Satanic Pedophile Ring

Alfred Webre: VIDEO- Pedophile Cover-up: Hampstead UK Police, Social Services, Courts brainwash whistleblower kids, send mother & legal helper into exile, protect Satanist abuser father… 726 more words