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Our role in the Hampstead SRA hoax comes to an end

The failure of the Satan Hunter to present evidence of their claims of SRA in Hampstead at the recent criminal trial of Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry for alleged witness intimidation marked the end of the Hampstead SRA hoax.  237 more words


On Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV

The last trump card of Hampstead SRA Satan Hunters

The SRA hoax at Hampstead is nearly dead, the trial on 11 July of Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry is expected to finally kill off the hoax.  292 more words


Pre-trial Hampstead SRA hoax comment


It is four days before Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill go on trial for alleged witness intimidation at Blackfriars Crown Court (11 July 2016.)  Here follows short comments. 666 more words


My Hampstead SRA campaign draws to an end

Hampstead SRA hoax nearly dead

The Satan Hunter who promote the Hampstead SRA campaign have run out of momentum, ideas and support.  The Satan Hunter can only repeat the same tired content, which few read or care about.  424 more words


Something Stupid Wednesday: Satanic Ritual Abuse

Have you ever wonder what kind of people go to Satanic ritual abuse conferences?

A bunch of Christian conspiracy idiots, like this guy.

Everything this guy says is a load of made up bullshit, yet there are people out there who actually believe him and buy his book. 33 more words

Something Stupid Wednesday