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Justice catches up with internet trolls

The year 2016 marked the point when justice came of age and began to move against internet trolls.  In former times internet trolls were considered one of the accepted irritants of life on the internet, those drama producing individuals behind many flame wars, the sort most are familiar with on Satanic internet forms such as the trolls of the ONA.  522 more words



WARNING:  This post contains graphic descriptions of ritualistic abuse.  Read with care.

I *hate* when flashbacks ruin progress.  Due to some events from last night, a flashback triggered in my mind.  212 more words

Ritual Abuse


That word defines my mother.  She was at once child and adult, beauty and darkness, safety and absolute danger.  Her multiplicity threw an interesting hook in to our relationship; I was more often parent to her than child.  292 more words

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Gratitude for Happy Things

If you are wondering which icky holidays are coming up, click on “Ritual Calendar: 2016″at the top right of this page.

Recently I’ve written about important but heavy and sometimes depressing things. 589 more words

Healing From Ritual Abuse


It has been ten months since my last post, according to the date here.  I sometimes wonder why I keep the blog active, but then I realise it truly is about nostalgia.  92 more words

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Government Persecution Of Satanic Ritual Abuse Escapees. Fraud And Theft

2nd September 2016

I have had nothing but serious problems trying to live a simple peaceful life since my Carer; Michael Mathews helped me to finally escape from the satanic occult networks nearly 12 years ago. 526 more words

Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia