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Selling Your Soul Means Waking Up In A Cloning Center - Donald Marshall

Above is an example of what cloning centers look like.

Background Info On Donald

THC (TheHighersideChats):  “In 2011, Donald Marshall unleashed his first public disclosure on the internet with a letter describing his abuses in  a vast underground program of human cloning by parasitic non-human entities in conjunction with the worlds shadowy elite. 2,124 more words


Hollywood, SRA & MK Ultra

Thanks to Q Anon, many are having their minds opened to the secret CIA mind control program known as MK Ultra. Unclassified documents have made us aware of ongoing experiments that have been used on the unknowing public for decades. 414 more words

Exposing Political Corruption

Through The Black: Exposing The Darkness for Jesus and The Salvation of Souls.

Please continue to pray for Brothers in Christ Tom and Jared who are making a film for Christ right now to expose the darkness. They’re actually in Hollywood right now interviewing people and getting things together. 82 more words

Personal Journey

Satan Hunters hijack protest about church abuse

The bishops and clergy of the Church of England met together in London last week to open an enquiry into over 3000 reports of abuse within the church including sexual abuse of children, which they say will be a painful process. 305 more words