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War with Terror

Those who war with terror,

are those who war on us.

– here comes the water bearer,

and the hoax is now a bust.

They believe in paper, 173 more words

Sacrifice by Andrew Boylan

New Mexican cult, brutalised bodies, the story of a lifetime…if Benny lives to tell it.

If you are a fan of horror mystery books then this one is for you. 243 more words

Book Review

Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor's Story by David Shurter

Satanic Ritual Abuse, local political cover-ups, shocking kidnappings, unsolved child murders, and scandalous pedophile rings.

This is quite a hard book to review, to say i enjoyed it just feels wrong because of the subjects in the book. 302 more words

Book Review

Influentials drink blood of children!

Over the years I had picked up on the likelihood that satanic rituals involving adults, children, and animals took place in many parts of the world. 154 more words

What's It All About?

A Masonic Pyramid That Is 33 Decametres High Is Being Built In North Korea, With Money From Bill Gates – To Be Destroyed On October 1st- Videos

Guest Contributor, Jeffery Pritchett

North Korea is just one more puppet state of the Masonic-Occultist-Illuminati elites, one that they use for playing their games of “New Egypt”. 751 more words

Conspiracy Theories

Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg and Hollywood Are Weaponized Tools of Mass Manipulation (Video)

(N.Morgan) The modern day moral fiber of society has deteriorated to such a degree that most people are suffering from a complete disconnect from reality. 269 more words

Conspiracy Theories