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no time left for e-living

lately, i’ve been thinking about lots of stuff i’ve wanted to blog about. my recent obsession with visualizing the skeleton inside of every person i look at, people making dumb blanket statements like… 704 more words

EuroIslam: the periphery speaks up.

In 2003 a collection of essays by young Danish Muslims appeared in Danish daily Politiken. Amongst its conclusions was the claim that ‘Islam is also a Danish religion, we must distance ourselves from the Middle East’s monopoly on holiness’. 1,458 more words


Silent Conquest in America & the World

Silent Conquest traces the progressive erosion of freedom of expression in the West from 1989 when Iranian Shia leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa pronouncing a death sentence against Salman Rushdie for his book The Satanic Verses. 18 more words


Rushdie on the failure of intelligence of multi-culti apologists

In Joseph Anton – A memoir, Salman Rushdie’s account of the fatwa years following the 1989 publication of The Satanic Verses, he provides many reflections and ruminations on the political situation of the time. 298 more words


365 day 216

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They're After Salman Rushdie Again

Some Things Never Change

You would think that by now that the grand wizards of Iran would have come to terms with the renegade writings of Salman Rushdie……But apparently they have not. 432 more words


A book by this name

Will have some acclaim,

And many questions will follow.

It should not be read:

“Off with his head,”

Said the wise king of the meadow.

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