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Mark T. Barclay and Perversion: Trinitarian Heresies rooted in Gnosticism

One thing that is very noticeable about Mark T. Barclay is that he is ever changing his paper-thin Statement of Beliefs on his cults website. More likely this is just to mask his perverted teachings in his books and sermons, which are the real meat of his messages.  44 more words

[Writing Styles] Stream-of-consciousness (and a micro-story)

Early post, and no writing tips this weekend. I am traveling over the weekend, first to catch up with the sister at DC (that’s where I am now), and then all the way back to Bangalore. 696 more words


Trying to make sense of it...

The Satanic Verses – Salman Rushdie

Tea: Rooibos Vanilla

Congratulations Mr Rushdie, your work is the first book review on this blog. Have a tea on me. 1,031 more words




All the resources in category 1 are physical books and were all found via the UCLA Library catalog site with priority to on campus resources (YRL, Powell, English Reading Room, and Special Collections), with the exception of two editions which proved unavailable, and were thus found digitally via Amazon. 877 more words

Reluctant Roundabout Review of a Possibly Perfect Album: The Trouble with Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam

Hey Pal:

Well I find myself in a bit of a pickle: I’m falling back in love with the music of Cat Stevens, or should I say the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens who, since 1977, has gone by his reborn Muslim name Yusuf Islam. 1,992 more words


Airtel defends breaking Net Neutrality

We interrupt this dead blog for breaking news. Found in the deepest recesses of my spam folder lay a comprehensive letter outlining the real reason why Airtel has taken a stance towards breaking Net Neutrality. 671 more words